We started a brand new service on the fifth Wednesday of the month called JAM. it is a service targeted at the entire family, but built by kids! There were kids leading worship, praying and the parents were stoked!!! There are four this year. Tonight was Bibleman and the kids went nutty!!! We had a […]

7 Years ago Today!

January 31st, 2000, 4:36 pm pst. Ring…Ring…Ring… “Hello?” “Pastor Melinda? This is Rory, I don’t want to alarm you, but a plane has crashed returning from Mexico.” “Rory, you must be wrong, check it out and call me back.” Melinda hangs up the cell phone and calls out to me. We turn on KOMO 4 […]

Evening Session: MFI Regional

Rick Greene: Castle Rock Washington. Rick is all about character and attitude. He has a zeal to help people develop into mighty men and women of God. Rick doesn’t have a mega church by definition, but he is a mega leader in his community of about 3,500 people. Nothing better than a rural pastor who […]

This Makes me Smile…

Have you ever received an email that just fired you up? In a good way! These are stories of life change. They are emerging all over this blog and they come via email and drop ins frequently. Real life change is happening at The Rock and it is special. If you are Connected to Life […]