Faith and Works Together

Driven By Eternity, by John Bevere, is a very challenging book; consequently, it is rocking some people in our church. The revelation of living with eternity in mind makes me, at the very least, have a new way to think about things and, at the very most, question my motives. People are being saved, dead […]


Today I had lunch with a co-laborer in our city. Nate Hettinga and I have been building relationship for a few years now. Nate is a progressive pastor in the sense that he is seriously affecting the Kingdom in our area. The guy is a church planting machine. They have planted several churches and now […]


Today we were praying for the church, vision and specific people the Lord was laying on our hearts. We got excited about what the Lord is doing… FUEL is here. Tomorrow night is FUEL, a service on the fourth Wednesday of the month. We were talking today and had this revelation. “We want FUEL to […]


Last night I was navigating on a blog we are working on for Roger Habich and inadvertently changed my profile name to Roger’s. Thanks to everyone who emailed me, including Roger. All is repaired, but there will be a couple posts that will forever say ROGER wrote them in cyberspace! Way to go Roger. Jeff


Big news out of our race team camp this weekend. It is official, Roger Habich will contend for the Evergreen Speedway and Washington State NASCAR Championship. After some unique circumstances I made a decision to forgo my debut in the #70. We numbered the brand new car #76 and will be racing 21 races between […]