Faith and Works Together

Driven By Eternity, by John Bevere, is a very challenging book; consequently, it is rocking some people in our church. The revelation of living with eternity in mind makes me, at the very least, have a new way to think about things and, at the very most, question my motives. People are being saved, dead beat Christians are re-evaluating their experience and those who struggle with their salvation are solidifying their life in Jesus Christ once and for all. That’s GOOD! Mature believer’s need to recognize the power of this message and use it to help the body of Christ; living with an eternal perspective keeps our Hope alive!

Like everything, some read into the message. Driven by Eternity is not about a works based salvation, but it does emphasize works based thinking. Likewise, Christ also emphasized works based thinking, “give a cup of water, go into all the world, and give and it will be given” are simply a few examples. It is therefore not off base to ask a believer to consider their ways.

Any person who would “consider their ways,” walk in reverence and submission to the Word, and receive the mercy and grace of the gospel is no way in contempt of losing their salvation. I think, in some cases, many people can read a book like Bevere’s and slip into the bondage of “Am I doing enough?”

The emphasis is about what we do with the Cross that determines our salvation and where we will spend eternity. If we reject the cross, then we reject Jesus Christ; consequently, living a life separated from Him. Driven by Eternity affirms this very truth.

The works based thinking side of the book is something worth considering, but like anything else, let the revelation come from scripture; not from an author. I know John Bevere as one of the most integral, knowledgeable and capable communicators in the body of Christ. Messages that mean the most to me are messages I have wrestled with. I am also wrestling with this message and it is healthy, but in no way would I ever think I could lose my salvation because an author wrote a book?


Today I had lunch with a co-laborer in our city. Nate Hettinga and I have been building relationship for a few years now. Nate is a progressive pastor in the sense that he is seriously affecting the Kingdom in our area. The guy is a church planting machine. They have planted several churches and now churches he helped plant are planting more. I think he is secretly taking over the world:) Cascade is definetly taking over the “world”liness of their world by presenting a powerful gospel. They are Christ centered and influential.

Nate is a fellow hunter. He even paid for lunch with his Cabello’s card because it returns him a percentage for hunting stuff. OK, Melinda, get me one of those cards today!

We have so much in common like leading a church in Monroe, being in our 30’s (OK, late 30’s and he’s later than me:), enjoying the outdoors, being pastor kids, and leading passionately! Nate and I both agree, “We have really no clue how we ended up in ministry after being raised by minister’s, but we are glad we did.”

Cascade Church is a church I deeply respect. They have a tremendous vision to influence the NW with the message of Jesus. Thanks for lunch today Nate. I enjoy every time we can get together.


Today we were praying for the church, vision and specific people the Lord was laying on our hearts. We got excited about what the Lord is doing…

FUEL is here. Tomorrow night is FUEL, a service on the fourth Wednesday of the month. We were talking today and had this revelation. “We want FUEL to be a prophetic night of worship!”

The laying on of hands. Making times for people to pray over each other accompanied with the laying on of hands is one of the most important aspects of the faith. Paul referenced the importance of walking in the gift that God gave through the laying on of hands.

Easter Eggstravganza! Animals, Egg Hunt, Prizes and a Kangaroo! R U Kiddin?

Easter is 12 days away! We have a set change; new series; 3 services; special music; and are expecting people to “DO WORK, SON” by inviting someone God loves who they love also.

TVM Saturday Nights Week 2: Last week we had nearly 140 students attended GRID Friday Nights, Saturday Service and Jr. High on Sunday AM. We are beginning to see some expansion in the student ministry at the rock.

We were talking today, and said, “Let’s be a part of something BIG.” I was considering the hours we put into ministry at TRC. They are not less than any other minister or ministry. Though a ministry may be reaching 100,000 people they are not working any harder than we are. I believe God is going to stir us to have a greater impact with the energy we are putting forward. GRACE, Grace, grace. Grace allows us to accomplish more without any more effort!

These are a few of the thoughts from today.