I received an email from a first time guest on Sunday. I love it when we get feedback from people who come to TRC for the first time…

Pastor Jeff,

I am new to the Rock Church and all I can say is WOW! My wife has been trying to get me to go to church ever since I have known her and boy am I glad I went today. Never have I felt so much joy and happiness in my life.

I am not sure if it was the music, people or the over all experience of it all but I feel so good. I came with a skeptical approach but left with the spirit. I just want to thank you for what you have shown me, you gave me direction to a place I hope to stay. Perhaps next time I come I will seek you out and thank you for the goodness that you have gave me.



Those of you who contribute to the Sunday Worship experience at TRC have to feel great about what God is doing in the lives of people at TRC. For every 1 testimony that is written there are at least 10 that are not. If we were to have 10 testimony’s like this per week? Well that would be 520 in a year! Thank you to all the TRCer’s that make our church so special!


What a weekend! There were so many high points, a minimum of low points and people found Jesus Christ this morning at Church; some for the very first time. I like to take a few minutes and reflect on the weekend so here are some random Sunday night summaries.

* Fred Hall, #48, whom I met about 6 years ago at the track has been coming to TRC for about 18 months, maybe a little more, and this morning he walked the aisle giving his life to Jesus Christ for the very first time during 2nd service. Not only am I proud of Fred, but I am proud of our race team outreach who weekly represents the values of TRC. We continue to see fruit every season in lives touched and changed through the miracle of salvation.

* Church this morning was fantastic both services. The special song after the offering was especially moving. Just like the lyrics, “I wouldn’t trade it for the world!” What is it? It is life with God! Thanks Rachel and Melinda for that one.

* We ended the Friction series today and the feedback has been especially positive. Definitely an import string of messages to be preached in our culture. When all is said and done the four weeks yielded, 65 re-commitments to Christ, 19 first-time salvation’s, 91 water baptisms, several people experiencing the gifts of the Spirit for the first time, a pile of towels thrown into the ring as a sign of surrender and a motivated Church to lead people to the door of salvation!

* I take my final exam for Old Testament tomorrow and the Spring term is over, yes.

* My weekend was full of NASCAR racing. Friday I practiced, Saturday I raced, Sunday I watched the big boys on TIVO! Oh yeah, Jeff Gordon won again, that’s two-straight…

* I finished 7Th after starting 15Th! Big Thank YOU to MTS Construction, Rock of Ages Plumbing, Aaron Anderson of Hometown Lending and The Rock Church. Especially a big thank you to my wife, Melinda; my childhood friend, Roger Habich; and the whole TVM race team. None of you will ever know how truly blessed I feel to have the relationships like I do because there is not the combination of words in any language to adequately express how blessed I am! Racing is a team sport and that is why I enjoy it so much. Stick with me, I’m learning, and one day I will rub doors with Roger. For now, my goals are simple: 1) Have FUN! 2) learn more about driving and the car every week.

* One high point from Saturday’s race was my spotter Rob Touchette. Rob is an experienced driver and I asked him to come and coach me this weekend. He was a huge help. Those listening in on the radio frequency would have heard the expertise of a veteran talking a rookie through the beginnings of something special. It made me think of how we, as Christ-followers, have to talk those who are new to faith through the early stages. I so appreciated Rob’s patients, suggestions and calm demeanor.

* Was there any low points this weekend? No, none to mention anyway. Roger DNF’d, but he has a throw away race anyhow in the schedule. His car was fast. He was 1st quick in practice and the Happy ten before the race…just had a mechanical failure during the event.

* As I close up the thoughts for the weekend I have to say we continue to have an edifying, church. Every Sunday I leave feeling refreshed and re-fired for the week ahead. I hope those of you directly connected to TRC experience the same things.

This week is going to be about finishing some things I have started. I have blocked out some time to get some winter projects through the goal post so I can get onto new things for the spring and summer. Oh yeah, and I have to get my fanny on the treadmill; driving a race car is wind-sucking. It might not seem like it from the stands, but trust me, I was huffing and puffing after the race.

National Day of Prayer is this Thursday. Make the time to pray for our nation. If you are near TRC, come at 7 pm for an Elegant Evening. This time of inspiration and prayer for our nation will be worth every minute.


Tonight is the night! The #70 car is stickered up and ready to go. Practicing yesterday I got a little more comfortable on the track. No speed records were achieved; in fact, far from it, but I had a lot of fun and learning the dynamics of a race car is quite exhilarating!

Tomorrow morning is the final episode of Friction. We have dove into the phrase, Love God: Hate sin. Such a position creates Friction in our life. The final chapter is going to bring it all together and give the spark needed to live Life! Invite a friend, not to the organization of church, but to a new way of living as a legitimate Christ-follower!

See ya Sunday!