JAM was last night…WOW!

This video was shot after the event when the kids were heading outside to get blown off by leaf blowers…you can’t imagine what it looked like while service was going unless you were there.

Balloons and packing peanuts wrecked the entire service from a teaching standpoint, BUT from a fun standpoint it was an A++++! Big thank you to all those who helped man the 14 vacuums required to clean it up.

To all the parent’s, sorry about the Styrofoam in your house this morning.

Finally, here are a few thoughts I wrote to the team last night after the evening was over…

I know all of you could not be here tonight and I would like to tell you that you missed one of the most awesome nights we have ever had…

Todd and Staci did a super job with this service. Travis, myself and the team added some great elements this morning that proved to be unforgettable (the packing peanuts and balloons were a last minute addition)!

WHY was it so good? Because it was a disaster!!!! Yes, a total disaster!!! And I love it!!!! I love that this team will take risks to bring in packing peanuts and spread them out like snow taking 2 hours and 14 vacuums to clean up! I love it that we would pick a puppet guy and totally blow him off his routine to say some of the most interesting things I have heard in our church (good maneuvering Daniel)!!! Can you all believe this stuff! JAM was an utter mess and I love it! I love it that we can try things and fail big. I love it that we can step out by faith and totally trip over our own feet.

Thank you team. Thank you for trying what others would laugh at (JAM). Thank you Todd and Staci for having the vision for JAM!!! Thank you eldership for grinning and bearing it sometimes…thank you for making THE ROCK CHURCH the most surprising place in a kids life.

If only the eldership of my church growing up would have thought like this…if only I had pastors who would have sprayed TP all over me…if only….

Those kids will never forget the day when it snowed in the church!!!

I will never forget listening to Cheyenne lead us in worship! AMAZING!!!

I am laughing with all my heart because it is amazing to lead in a place where risk will happen, innovation will emerge and failure is accepted. SO GO AHEAD and dream, we can always clean it up!

Pastor Jeff


One of my top goals for 2007 was to start a book and get it to the publisher for printing; in fact, this blog was to practice my writing in order to get in the discipline of writing regularly and making a habit. After 200 posts since January 1, it is a habit! In my research I have asked every author I know how they write books in the midst of speaking continuously, leading people, family life, busy schedules and so on and the answer I have received from all of them is, “There is never enough time, you have to make the time.” So, I have been breaking off small size chunks of time to write this book and starting next week it will be a six day a week venture through August!

What will the book be called? Sometimes I title my blog posts before I write them and other times after. The book will be titled after I write it, but here is the 20,000 foot level of what I have been working on.

I have been working with the acronym DREAM.

D: Defined Determination
R: Remember Relationships
E: Embrace Enthusiasm
A: Adjust Attitude
M: Measure Moments

Each of these elements has been the critical component of attaining my dreams, from answering the call of God, leading The Rock Church, being a son, husband and father, to racing a car, I’ve relied on my DREAM to get me there.

What’s your DREAM?


Tonight is the 2nd JAM service at TRC. With only 4 JAM “sessions” this year you don’t want the kids to miss this one. Make plans tonight.

What is JAM? Jam is a service targeted at the kids of TRC. Lifesaver’s Children’s Ministries spends countless hours reaching, teaching, caring for, loving and developing our children. JAM is about including the whole family in the journey. For years, kids have been forced to come to church with their parent’s; JAM forces parent’s to come to church with their kids.


A few years ago I went to Seattle Harley Davidson to look at bikes–three hours later I went home with a V-rod! What am I saying? I am saying that there are moments of weakness in a man’s life. For me, it has never been drinking, smoking, gambling, but I have this absolute weakness for motorized vehicles! You name it, if it has a motor chances are I have tried it, raced it or attempted to make it cool. I just can’t help it–I like speed, thrills, chills, and that “dear-Lord-save-me” sensation from going wide open! Can you feel it? Good!

So I put a new exhaust pipe on my V-rod because I wanted it louder and looking tough, which by the way would never take up space in my garage if my mother and father were still on the planet–they were “NO STREET BIKE” kind of parent’s and even today I sometimes can feel a little mischievous while gallivanting around Snohomish County with Pastor Bill, Uncle Jim, Pastor Rory and so on–they are such bad influences on me, “Honest dad, it was Rory’s idea.” Anyway, I put a new pipe on my bike and tonight on my way home Aaron Anderson, drummer at the church, who lives about 4 blocks off my street, sends me a text message, “Come put Callan back to sleep, your pipes woke him up!” Callan is Aaron and Nikki’s 6-month old baby…YIKES!

OK, I admit it. The new pipes are way too loud! I am finally admitting that there is something too loud and it is not race cars, the worship music, or the sound of a beautifully tuned nitrous injected snowmobile, it is my NEW EXHAUST! Even with ear plugs my ears ring for hours after just fifteen minutes of throttle therapy.

Why am I posting this? Because sometimes “it gets too loud” and it got me thinking…

* Heaven will be loud! Imagine the volume of every waterfall combined, this is what worship will sound like in heaven.
* I like loud! BUT, Louder is not always better. Like in relationships, the louder someones talks at me, the less willing I am to listen.
* Is it possible to talk about something so much, people become deaf to the sound? Sure it is.
* I have seen a man with a mega phone preaching his hell-fire gospel on a street corner and no one hears a word he is saying.
* I have seen a child sleep through a Rock Church worship service without so much as twitching a muscle.
* I am convinced, it is not the volume of our life that wears at us; instead, it is those whom we are listening to.

I ordered a silencer tonight and if that doesn’t fix it you can bet the V-rod will be back to what it was before we turned the volume up. LOUDER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER, but it’s definitely cool in small doses…on a motorcycle.

I feel better now that I have admitted my weakness–please send “get well” cards, modifications, upgrades, race tire coupons, nitrous fills and etc. to 16891 146th ave… attention: Knightrous.

Just teasing. Tune your life to the right station (hint: JC) and turn up the volume, you’ll not be disappointed.