That’s right, beginning in two short weeks The Rock Church will be launching our very first television ad. It will air weekday mornings during the King 5 news on Kong 6/16 and on Weekends on the King 5 Morning News on channel 5. It will also air during other times. In addition, TRC will have a “ticker” that indicates the morning weather is brought to you by The Rock Church.

We are pretty excited about this endeavor. In March of 2008 the first 30-minute show will air on Kong 6/16 on the weekends. Time and date to be determined. We are planning a series of shows in order to have no re-runs. It will air seasonally each spring with marketing ads built around it in the summer, fall and winter. The show will be hosted on-line so people who desire to see it throughout the year will be sent there through the ads.

The show format will be highly motivational–not preachy– while prompting people to consider changing their priorities in life by adding Christ to the mix. In the end we hope to build the local church in cities all across Western Washington by adding Christ followers to the Kingdom.
Be here this Sunday for a sneak preview of the commercial…
Near or far, if you want to help us financially with this opportunity we welcome your gift and commit to making certain it Connects People to Life!