For the last four straight days I have been preparing a place like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams hearing, “If you build it they will come.” Who are “they?” “They” are my wife and Golden Retrievers!

We, packed and packed, and, moved and moved, all week. Melinda was so awesome as she hired a moving company to come and get all the stuff on Thursday.

Today I left the house. I had a moment before I left. I mean a real moment. You know one of those “Am I doing the right thing” moments. Yes, even when you know it is the right thing there are moments where you wonder if it is the right thing. Here’s why…

When we moved into our house in Lake Stevens we thought we would stay there forever. This morning I was reflecting on those first moments in the house; the remodel, painting, arranging and re-arranging furniture and I was overwhelmed because this house I thought would be our final destination, but times change. I thought about the memories, parties and times with friends and family. They are unforgettable–especially the 4th of July when we would do our best to blow up the dock with fireworks. I was thinking of those good times and then my countenance turned as I thought of the rising costs of living at that house, the extraordinary yard work, the maintenance, the bigness of the place. Soon my sadness for leaving turned to joy when remembering how uninhibited we will be now that we’ve moved. My thoughts lead to tears, but I guess that’s what makes a house a home. If we didn’t have the joy of family, memories and great times and the pain of mowing, paying bills and maintaining, then we would just be merely existing and there would be no home for us at all…

I walked through the house one final time when it was empty, went out on the dock and tried to seal the memories and sounds of our life at that particular place forever. And though I know those memories will fade with time, I am so excited about the next season in our life.

I would say to anyone reading this. It was hard to obey the Lord and sell our dream home, but I’m so glad we did. I wrestled for months with God, but his Word just kept coming back to me over and over, “One’s worth is not determined by what one possesses.” Frankly, moving is tough; in fact, it stinks, but a short season of strain is so much better than a lifetime wondering if God had something different because if we’d have stayed no one would’ve known the difference, but deep inside we knew God wanted us to go, so staying was never an option.

So for Jeff, Melinda, Hollywood and Brooklyn we are settling down again, getting ready to do something new and make a house a home which takes some time if it is anything like the last one. Thank you for the prayers…see ya Sunday and at the races tomorrow night–only 2 left this season. Hey do me a favor, record the Cup race on Sunday this week and make sure to add 3 hours to the Tivo and then call me and give me an invitation to come to your house, watch the start, fall asleep for 192 laps and then watch the last 8. I promise I won’t stay too long after its over. HA!


What a weekend!

A couple huge highlights…

Nearly 3,000 children, teachers, and families were blessed this weekend with school supplies through The Rock Church ministry providehope.com! It was a spectacular event and after 9 years in a row we are excited to take it to other cities in Snohomish County next year.

Warren Barfield on Sunday was phenom! Loved the worship he did 1st service with Melinda leading. I thought it was very cool he and his brother would help Melinda do a few worship songs like that. To see my wife leading vocals with Pros behind her–no wait, that’s every week! I mean to see her with a recorded artist helping her out was a real reward for me. I am so proud of Melinda. She started with a hairbrush and a mirror when she was a little girl to the choir when she was older and now today. Proud of you!

Saturday night I finished 5th at Evergreen Speedway in my NASCAR Whelen Super Stock!!! This is my highest placing yet. No doubt for some they would have been like, “whatever,” but for me, I wass like, “YEAH BABY! 5th!” Can’t wait to race this weekend. Two races left and the season is over.

Church was packed out on Sunday. We were up in attendance 29% over last year on the same weekend. Great job TRC!

This week is crazy, I have a list longer than my arm and for every item I cross off another two are added. Pray for grace this week as I finish moving our house! Thank God Melinda packed the entire house! She is in NYC living it up while I finish it up!

Exciting weekend ahead

Big Parade Day is tomorrow! If you are in the parade, remember to meet at The Rock at 7:30am for t-shirt distribution. It is going to be a spectacular day of bringing Life! to our community.

TVM Saturday Nights at the Fair!
Total Velocity Ministries’ is going to the Fair! TVM will be meeting at The GRID at 3pm and heading for the Fair for some fun and then the races. TVM will be back at The GRID at 11pm. There are a limited number of half-price Fair tickets available on a first-come, first serve basis.

Warren Barfield
We have Warren Barfield in concert both services! This will be a great service to cap off the Big Parade Weekend!


Yes, I testified last night at Fuel that I shot my finger with a nail gun. It went to the bone and hurt like a nail gun with a 16 penny nail to the finger should. It bled, it throbbed and is a little stiff to move. The worst part; it is my left hand, the hand needed to steer the car on Saturday! I had the team pray for it last night and it is doing well today. I need to go get a tetanus shot though; I haven’t had one in 10 years. Yuk!

Why would I be using a nail gun? Good question. Melinda and I made a decision last November we would sell our house in Lake Stevens. This was a long prayed about and thought out decision because God gave us that house in 2003 and it was our dream home. We honestly never thought we would leave and now the sale closes next Friday and we have to get a new place to live. So why do I have a nail gun? Because I am building a new place to live! I know it sounds crazy, but I really like to frame buildings. I’ve done it since I was in high school and working with saws, squares, wood and nail guns is just plain fun! My little project will not be done until about the middle of October, but Melinda and I are going to live…at the church? No, I’m teasing…we are going to do a little RV’ing (like Eddie on Christmas Vacation) or rent a house from some friends for 6 or so weeks. Pretty cool.

Why would we sell our house God gave us? It goes back to Luke 12:15, “And He said to them, “Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.” Possessions really don’t mean that much to Melinda and I. We’ve been blessed in many ways, and we are thankful for what we have, but what we have are tools to reach people for the Kingdom. In November we felt the Lord telling us to down size our life. We heard him instruct us to get our finances unencumbered so we can be more flexible to do what He requires of us. We are selling our house because the Lord told us to, and we intend to give more of our lives and resources to the Kingdom in the coming years. We are believing for huge things for our church and the ministry each of us has been called to.

Where are we headed? We are moving back to Monroe and closer to the church. We purchased a piece of property and are building a home on it over the next 18 months. The house will be smaller than the one we sold and it will be built with developing leaders in mind. There will be spaces conducive to large groups so we can host dozens of people for the Kingdom.

What about the Northern Region Reach Teams? We will still be overseeing the Northern Region–Lake Stevens, Arlington, Marysville, Machias–for our Reach Teams. There are just way too many great people we have met, so we will be back up there a lot; eventually, building a GRID2911 in that city. We love Lake Stevens and will definitely want invitation from our friends to enjoy the atmosphere in the summer.

How can you help Melinda and I? Pray for us daily. More than anything prayer, being at prayer, and helping people is the most important thing anyone can do at The Rock. As you can imagine, my schedule is crazy right now. It includes, get up, go to prayer; lead at the church, meet with people, lead teams, prepare messages; than at about 3-4pm go to the property, build; at dark I go to the race shop, check in on team and car; finally I go home, sleep. Not to mention Melinda has been packing our entire house. Together we are looking at each other thinking, “God is amazing.”

God has a rhythm with Jeff and Melinda and we often go through major change every three years or so. This is just a part of His rhythm and we are excitedly awaiting what the Lord will do with us after this season.


Twenty six people there again this morning! I had a strong sense of breakthrough as we prayed.

1 Chron 14:11, “Then David said, “God has broken through my enemies by my hand like a breakthrough of water.”

Get over here for prayer on Tues, 6:30am; Wed-Fri, 8am; Fri, 10am ladies only.