Well I had a fast car tonight, but I made one mistake that cost me the fast car. I got to the throttle after passing a few cars on the outside a little early. The rear end snapped loose and I didn't save it in time. Spinning out in front of 22 fast cars is not wise…I was hit in the nose and bent some stuff up. The guys worked super hard–even other drivers crews–to get it raceable. Without a nose I went back out and raced hard finishing 24th; 22 laps down.

it was super fun and now that the season is over I can't wait for next year…
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My little crate motor 400hp motor did pretty well against the bigger engines and I went 19.8 seconds. A 1/2 mile in 19.8 second; how fast is that average speed?

There are a lot of cars in front and behind for the race tonight. Pray I keep it straight and going forward.
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The Fall Classic is the biggest race of the season that takes place every year on this weekend in Yakima for the last 20 years. Nearly every single fast driver, car and crew show up to win. The prestige, competition and intensity is of the highest caliber in the NW.

Though I do not expect to win tonight I came over with my race car to participate and practice for next year. I've never been to another track before so the experience was kind of new, different and I didn't know what to expect from the car or the track; kind of like someone going to a new church for the first time. Thankfully I've got some friends out there who showed me the way around yesterday–kind of like the First Impressions team at TRC; new people need to know their way around.

Anyway we are under horsepower (crate motor) to the real fast guys (open motor w/ restrictor plate), but we get a 250lb weight break. Needless to say horsepower is better than weight for qualifying, but rumor has it the weight break will pay big dividends in a 125 lap race. We'll see tonight.

Well, I'm qualifying in about 30 minutes and I am expecting to go my fastest lap yet at yakima. Its gonna be wild.

Pastor's all over the world should do something this fun. It charges my batteries and encourages my soul. God has been very good to this pastor. Go #70!!!

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