By Jeff Knight

Wouldn’t it be cool if they allowed us to grade our own tests in school? It would NEVER happen unless the school had no standards. Grading the test is the academic version of accountability.

In life we will be held accountable to what God has called us to do. On the macro level it will be like an assignment I have been given and God will review what I have accomplished with what he’s given me. On the micro level I need you to help me complete my assignment.

Consider this scripture, Hebrews 13:17, “Obey your spiritual leaders, and do what they say. Their work is to watch over your souls, and they are accountable to God. Give them reason to do this with joy and not with sorrow. That would certainly not be for your benefit.”

I include my pastor, a few friends, my wife, my parent’s, and others who are my spiritual leaders in my accountability! They have a job to do and I have to let them do it! I need to let them speak into my life. They have the ability to call me out, correct me, and encourage me. Most of all they can do it, not because of “who they are,” but because of “who I allow them to be.”

I encourage you to allow someone to be your accountability. When you do your dreams become more possible where real progress can be made.


By Jeff Knight

“Without accountability there is no motivation to change.” -Scott Boss

There are three areas I’ve used accountability to achieve my goals: Vision, Prayer and finances.

When I first began to dream about the church I asked team members and those with influence in my life to hold me accountable to never forget the dream, no matter what. I’ve purposed to keep the dream in focus and used accountability to keep me focused.

With prayer, I’ve had a tendency to substitute hard work for quality prayer. A year ago I decided it was time to push back and pray more. I asked three key people in my life to hold me accountable to new levels of prayer. At the end of this year I will have prayed –accumulative–more than any other year of my life.

Finally, in 1992 I needed help with my finances. I was a newly married man and did a poor job managing our finances. The help I needed required me to open up my checkbook and become accountable to my wife and others for every financial decision.

Accountability works! Each of those areas have confirmed I need accountability in my life.

As we near the end of 2007 I’m thinking of new areas where I can solicit some good old fashioned accountability. In 2007 I’m adding accountability for my fitness and health goals, date nights regularly with my wife and carving out time to do less of the superfluous more of what matters.

With the year ending many of you must be thinking about ’08. Where are you needing accountability? Maybe if we throw it out there it will be the early steps toward accountability and new goals in our lives.


Someone asked me this weekend how I stay mentally and physically fresh week in and week out. I thought I’d list a couple thoughts…this is not a complete list for certain.

New location. Did you know you can fly to a sunny destination in this country for less than $300…it doesn’t need to be a family vacation; sometimes, just seeing the sun for 24 hours can change my perspective.

A novel. I’m serious, reading for absolutely no other purpose than getting swamped in a story.

Short Stories. I think the short story is a lost art in our culture. I’m all for 25 page stories.

A drive. Ok. gas prices are skyrocketing, but that shouldn’t keep you from fresh snow at sunrise or ocean side at sunset. Those two word pictures begin charging already…time to load up the kids.

Exercise. Get out those Richard Simmons videos and sweat to the oldies.

Work. There are projects at the church that fire me up!

Clearing a busy day. I don’t employ this one often, but if I’m needing a charge I will reschedule the schedule and do things spontaneously. Obviously I try to do this without affecting others too often.

My Bible. Is there anything to add? Nope.

Shop. Sometimes the biggest charge I get is finding a sweet shirt or pair of shoes. Now, I don’t do this too much, but enough to keep the holes in my jeans at bay–unless the holes are there on purpose, but that is so 2002.

Barnes and Noble. Ok, most days I shop online at Amazon for books, but some days are better spent by picking up the title, sitting down and reading the flaps and moving on to the next book.

Seattle. I live in one of the coolest cities in America. There is more to do and see in our state than most others. Sometimes to charge the batteries I head to the desert, the mountains, the water, the pier, the islands, the city or the woods. Where else can you reach all those destinations in one day?

Go camping. A four season tent is a great investment and required if you camp in the snow! It’s cool (literally) to wake up in the snow! Make sure the bag is rated also so you don’t freeze your buttoooskeee off.

PF Chang’s. If I need a meal to make me feel healthy there is nothing like Chang’s Spicy Chicken.

Prayer. Break away for prayer. Take a prayer retreat. Or drive to a special place to pray. When I do “location prayer” I feel like my prayer is much more un-edited with God. There is nothing more rewarding than waking in the middle of the night, kissing Melinda good bye as I head out of the house to pray. It’s like I’m going to a special night ops meeting with God!

Race Car. Ok, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but I need a race car night at least once a week. I encourage everyone to have a passion and do it. For Melinda, her passion is fitness and piano and she is dedicated to spending extra time daily with those two things.

Those are a few thoughts…what do you do to stay fresh? I’d love some new ideas to try.


We had a long weekend! Yeah…Thanksgiving is the pre-party for the big ONE December 25th!

Turkey Dinner

I have had turkey dinner five times in 6 nights! Melinda made Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday this year because we went with family on Thanksgiving Day, so we had an early feast!

Christmas Trees

Do you have yours? We don’t, but I love seeing all the lights go up on peoples houses and trees appear in the windows. I have the best wife in the world, she hired a Christmas Tree lighting company to come to our house this year. Hey, you have to try it at least once. When I get home today it will be done!

Dead By Christmas

The Christmas Series at The Rock starts this weekend. I am so fired up! The premise is this, “How would you live the next 3.5 weeks different if you knew you wouldn’t live past Christmas? Starts Sunday so don’t miss it!

This is absolutely gross.
I warn you, this will make you gag…go here. When Rory saw it he nearly lost lunch.

Great News
I have a friend who battles MS. Last week his annual check up was real positive. The doctor said, “What are you doing? I’ve been studying your films for 30 minutes trying to understand why your brain seems to be showing less of the disease.” What a report! MS is an incurable disease. My dad had it, but the Lord touched him when I was a child and he lived the rest of his life to the fullest! Some would have us believe that healing is not for today, that’s like a shaved cat, doesn’t make much sense. I certainly don’t pretend to comprehend how God heals, but I’ve seen, heard and experienced it enough to know that “with God all things are possible.”