FINAL 2007 & EARLY 2008 Days

I've been away from the blog the last couple of weeks. The Christmas season is a huge time of year for family and friends and most important to me was ending the year on a high note and preparing for 08.

These last two weeks have been rather intentional (my word for busy). Between Christmas planning (church services and family) and shopping for that special something for my Melinda I've been going here and there daily.

Christmas Eve was a stellar night where we saw just shy of 1,000 people at three services. Honestly, I was expecting more, but as I considered the day Christmas Eve fell on (monday) I realized we should have combined with Sunday and had a sinilar service for both days. In reality, we did two completely different messages over two days and 5 services touching nearly 1,700 people, though some attended two and even three of those services. That's pretty impressive to me.

Now for the good part, scores of people gave their lives to Jesus Christ for the 1st time and dozens re-committed their lives to Christ. I was so proud of those who invited their friends and family and I know for those whose loved ones who came to salvation Christmas 07 will not be forgotten. Thank you to all those people who worked and sacrificed for an amazing day, Jesus Birthday.

Onto 2008. I'm putting together a series of blogposts on setting your life on a new course. I believe with all my heart every year should begin with fasting, prayer and time in the word. For us in 08 its 21 days, called A New Day.

I'm expecting this New Year to be BIG! I've got some huge things in mind for me personally and the church. This weekend I'm spending time in the Word and Prayer and I'd challenge any Christ follower to do the same.

What does God want from you this year? What do you want from life this year? What should change? Be re-arranged? What's got to go?

Every person I know has got some passion left to tap, dreams to be lived and desires to fulfill. Be certain you're in alignment with Him through prayer, fasting and the word and then be empowered to go get what is yours.

The life you pray for may be your own. Fasting brings breakthrough; frankly, I need some, so I'm fasting. The word is a lamp unto my path. There is no better way to start 08.
Your just in time to plan to start strong. What are you waiting for?

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