I’m going to do a little brain dump here so I can get some things out there and create some buzz around The Rock Church and our mission of Connecting People to LIFE! First, I am so thankful God called me into the ministry. I get to serve Jesus in a wide-open (racing lingo) capacity […]


This week we’ve had some great discussions with the youth team. Yesterday we brought the various ministries together and talked about how a change of service night for youth would affect other ministries. Here are the final stats for the High School Service Poll:Total # Polled: 135 60 (44%) for Wednesday at 7pm42 (32%) for […]

The FINAL C3 Sessions

We’ve been home a few days from Creative Church Conference, but so much is still rattling around in my head. Here are the final sessions notes from Tony Morgan’s blog. DAY TWOSession 1, Tommy Barnett, Phoenix First Assembly, Phoenix, AZSession 2, Final Session, Bishop TC Jakes, Potter’s House, Fort Worth, TX My Personal Thoughts on […]


Let’s Get Ready to RUUMMMMBLE~! April 12th is the brand new race season! Yes, the same weekend as the Mitosis Conference. Here is a sneak preview of the T-shirt that will be available the last weekend of March! Stay tuned to hear about the kick off party at Taco Del Mar in Monroe!