I’m going to do a little brain dump here so I can get some things out there and create some buzz around The Rock Church and our mission of Connecting People to LIFE!

  • First, I am so thankful God called me into the ministry. I get to serve Jesus in a wide-open (racing lingo) capacity everyday of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
  • OK, onto the spring. This spring is the scariest in our history! Yes, I’m talking absolutely scary. I’ve been staring at an outline of the services, events and outreaches on the calendar and it excites (scares) the hell (H-E-double hockey sticks) out of me (a good thing). The bottom line is we have so many people coming through the doors of our church right now and in the next two months that I want every element of The Rock Church lit up like Clark Griswold’s house on Christmas Vacation! Seriously, there is no room for anything less than our best! Souls are in the balance, life change is the goal and God wants to use this church. It’s extremely exciting!
  • To prepare for this exciting season I am asking for a SPECIAL ALL Volunteer meeting on Saturday, March 15th 5:30-6:30pm. I need volunteers from First Impressions, Youth, Children’s, Worship, Production and every other ministry in our church present and accounted for on this night. The topics? Easter Series (can u say, huge!), Mitosis (can u say, life-change), New Service Schedule (what?), Hispanic Service, Youth Schedule change, and a new team of Connection Geniuses (me, me, pick me). In addition, the team of 22 that attended the Creative Church Conference is going to be sharing their experience to get our church fired up about where we are headed. Mark your calendar now!
  • Are you artistically talented? Do you want to volunteer for a huge project at the church? Starting on March 10-15 we are doing a major décor renovation of the children’s wing. We will need painters, construction know-how, and people who want to do something big for our kids. The vision includes the children’s kiosk area and hallways. There is a ton to do to get ready for Easter Weekend. Go to this link and get on board with these and other volunteer projects that help your church. Or send and email to
  • This SPRING will be giganormous!
  • Oh yeah, opening weekend at Evergreen Speedway is April 12. We started the engine of the #70 car last night for the first time this season. I can’t wait for the race season to get started. Stay tuned for our huge kick off party on the last weekend of March.


This week we’ve had some great discussions with the youth team. Yesterday we brought the various ministries together and talked about how a change of service night for youth would affect other ministries.

Here are the final stats for the High School Service Poll:
Total # Polled: 135

60 (44%) for Wednesday at 7pm
42 (32%) for Sunday at 11am
13 (9%) for Thursday at 7pm
12 (8%) for Saturday at 8pm
8 (5%) for Friday at 8pm

Several questions arose regarding other vital ministries like Regional Reach Teams. We are answering questions, developing some vision and will release a brand new schedule soon. Thanks for your help.

The FINAL C3 Sessions

We’ve been home a few days from Creative Church Conference, but so much is still rattling around in my head. Here are the final sessions notes from Tony Morgan’s blog.

Session 1, Tommy Barnett, Phoenix First Assembly, Phoenix, AZ

Session 2, Final Session, Bishop TC Jakes, Potter’s House, Fort Worth, TX

My Personal Thoughts on C3:

  • This was my fifth C3 experience! This by far was the best yet.

  • Much less information, much more impartation.

  • I’m convinced that Ed Young’s embracing of the Pentecostal/Charismatic influences in our world has made for a much better balance. Like Tommy Barnett said, “We used to gather together according to denomination or grouping, but now we gather together because we are of the same spirit.”
  • The LED lighting was off the chain. That was the most impressive church stage design I’ve seen ever.
  • In our first C3 experience (2003) one of the leaders make a critical comment regarding HillsongChurch and the worship of United. I thought it very interesting that 85% of the songs we sang this year were United songs, not to mention Brian Houston, Pastor of Hillsong, was a keynote speaker. If I recall the worship for C3 that year was pretty mainstream.
  • Speaking of worship at C3, super authentic. There was a ton of energy on the stage, but it didn’t feel as rehearsed as previous years. The sound was phenomenal and I am always amazed at how good sound can change a worship set.
  • One thing I didn’t like was the temperature in the room. It was freezing cold.
  • The breakout session were great. Melinda and I went to the Senior Pastors lunch which is always hilarious. I also went to Worship Planning and Youth Ministry.
  • One of my lasting impressions from this year was the continued level of excellence. I saw things from a new perspective than other years. Instead of saying, “Wow, that’d be cool” I was saying, “We could do that.” The conference felt more empowering than other years.
  • Don’t get me wrong here, I think Fellowship is hyper-creative and leading the way in many areas, but I’d bet there are some other churches that have passed it up in the innovation category; nevertheless, what C3 offered this year was an impartation that made me believe all things are possible.
  • Amazing altar call for pastor’s wives on the final C3 Night meeting. I saw people praying over each other and speaking life to one another. The first year I attended C3 people most leaders weren’t lifting hands in worship let alone praying for each other. I thought those elements were cool. I bet it made others uncomfortable though. Can’t we all just get along?
  • We took 22 Trcer’s this year. What a great group of people. We’re going to try and schedule a time for sharing their experience soon. Hearing them react to the worship elements was fun.
  • I’ll be there next year, can’t wait. NO, yes I can, there is a lot to implement from this conference at TRC.
  • Finally, we have a running joke that Travis flies down to Texas each Monday (his day off) to give away our ideas to Fellowship…Funny thing was they had elements during the conference and on their 2007 highlight reel that were exact replicas of what we’ve done at The Rock. Oh well, no one knows how many elements we’ve used of theirs over the years, let’s see, 2006 set design, In the Zone message series, a few other graphics and etc. It’s fun to borrow in the name of Jesus.