Here is a quick update on the 2008 race season. First off, I am looking forward to my sophomore season at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe. Last year was a huge success as I started my racing career in a Super Stock and the NASCAR Whelen All American Series.

Changes from 2007-2008
There has been quite a few changes during this off season. Probably the biggest change is that my mentor, teammate and partner in racing for the last 7 seasons hung up his driving shoes. Roger Habich, after 17 years of racing, decided to retire from driving.

As a result of Roger’s decision I sold some of our equipment that was specific to his racing. We sold his crate engine package, compression engine package, miscellaneous parts, shocks, differential and other items. As a result of selling these parts I was able to hold onto Roger’s car, so I could sticker it up as the #70 also. Roger can get in it anytime he wants to also.

March 16th, we had a full day of practice and the first session, we used to shake the bugs out; second session, evaluate the chassis on new tires; and third session, let the driver go out and wheel it around on old tires. It was really good for me to run laps on 150 lap old tires because the car had no grip anywhere. It was loose in, loose through the center and loose off. It was loads of fun and I got to have a blast with it.

But, it’s time to make it fast. Our second test session was rained out, but we are looking to hit the track on April 7, 10 and 12. These practices will be dedicated to making the car race ready for qualifying and the main event on the 12th.

Kick Off Party
April 6th we are doing something we’ve never done. We are hosting a pre-season kick off party at Taco Del Mar in Monroe. Our new sponsor, Taco Del Mar of Monroe, will be there and we will have the brand-new 2008 #70 t-shirt and hoody sweatshirts available. It should be a great time April 6 at 2PM.

First Weekend
The first race is just days away, April 12. Then we race most every weekend at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe. Here is the schedule. Look for the code SS and read the legend to interpret.

We may be racing in Meridian Idaho on August 9th. Capital Christian Center is considering a men’s event that day. I would speak there in the AM and then head to the track to represent this great church.

New Pictures will be up soon of the car. Also, come and get your picture taken with the car at Taco Del Mar in Monroe on April 6th at 2pm.

Sponsors for 2008

  • MTS Construction
  • Rock of Ages Plumbing
  • TNT Mechanical
  • Taco Del Mar of Monroe

Please see me for all your dirt work/site work, plumbing, HVAC and Mexican food essentials. :-) I will hook you up with Noland, Rock, Scott or Jesse and they will treat you right.


Last week I started a brand new series at The Rock Church called I Heart. Week two is upon us and if you liked week one you’ll not want to miss the next installment.

You’ve heard it said, “ALL Christians are intolerant,” but I tell you THIS Christian loves. You mean Christ wants us to love ALL THIS?
The reveal this Sunday.


At The Rock Church I try and challenge people to commit to something for God often. In our culture there are so many things competing for people’s commitment that I see a lot of well meaning Christians serving every cause, but Jesus Christ.

Yes, I ask for a time commitment because the next generation needs motivated, busy, well educated, passionate–did I mention busy–people carving out time for them so they can know the true principles of this life. Churches need people to lead kids to Christ. Teams need coaches. Schools need teachers. Churches need all of it.

Yes, I ask for a money commitment because there are many people enduring difficulty who need practical things like shoes, clothes, and food as well as spiritual food that ONLY the local church can provide.

Yes, I ask for a energy commitment because there are people who are being ushered into a Christ less eternity because we’ve no energy to give that can change their life! Life change takes energy.

Commitment, I’m asking for one this Sunday, if you listen you will hear it. I’m asking right now, if you listen you will hear it.

THANK YOU to all those who work endlessly in making The Rock Church the best it can be!


Last weekend we went live with the new children’s decor…it was the BUZZ of Easter…
The process is fairly straightforward, but super labor intensive…takes a ton of volunteers…
It’s solutions and ideas like this that should cause church leaders and volunteers to come to Mitosis this year…Mitosis might just be the nudge a church needs to take a creative step…
A huge thank you from me to the dozens and dozens of volunteers who worked two straight weeks and stayed overnight at times to get this done for our kids!
Those of you who call The Rock Church home should be at Mitosis this year. Why? Because there is something powerful about understanding how your church does what it does and why it does why it does.