Some people have asked if the services are getting shorter. Shorter than what? Shorter than the 60-70 minutes they have been for the last 3 months? Nope they will not be shorter, we are simply shortening the turn around time from 50-60 minutes between services to 20-30 minutes between services.


What a weekend! We are just getting ready to leave Eastern Washington this Tuesday morning. I’ve been totally disconnected, cell phone and internet.

Saturday we snuck away and competed in the ASA Northwest Tour. This is a step up in division for me and I really went over there to test the car for the larger 5/8’s track at Monroe, we have a race in June on the big track. Anyway, I qualified 5th! I was blown away. I was 4 tenths quicker than the last time I was in Yakima, so it was the high point of the day, I thought.

We lined up on the grid and I was third row inside. By the end of the night I was 3rd! I won my first trophy in a late model! I have to say, when I rolled the car off the trailer I didn’t think it was possible to be on the podium. I was glad to qualify so well and most glad that the car was so good because that will help us when we go back to Monroe this weekend. To come home 3rd was quite a surprise and made for some fun stories!

Here is an article about the event.


I talked with Justin today. They are doing really well. Here is an email we got from one of the mom's. She gave permission to post it on here…

I just got off the phone with Jamie. It truly sounded like she was next door. I could hear Lorraine in the background calling "Hi Mom!!" They all had just finished their evening meal and were getting ready for bed. The long flight over was good, esp. the first leg where everyone had their own TV. Most slept on the second flight. Everyone has stayed in good health. Their compound where they are staying is in quite a nice part of Johannasburg. (great view from atop a hill overlooking the city) The beds (yes beds, not cots) are comfortable. The food, according to Jamie, is unique, this coming from one of the world's pickiest eaters. A little chilly in the mornings but very nice during the day. The best part of the trip…the culture, the people and truly feeling that God is working thru them. The worst part…Crouchy "borrowing" her bag of Cheetos and never seeing it again. My prayers will continue for their safety as they journey out daily to do God's work.


Loving Mom in California,

Lori Flippin

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