Well, it was a hot one in the Pacific Northwest this weekend.

  • Sunday’s service was just as smokin! The opening song Dangerous by Decemberadio was molten hot lava!!! Great job to Terryl and the band.
  • Perry Noble’s message, Make us Dangerous, was equally as good. I really enjoyed the video messages for One Prayer. It was a huge success for our church, and I look forward to what is next with this grand vision.
  • The purchase and sale agreement for our building is getting near completion and I am so stoked and excited. It will be a huge thing for our church to own this building.

All in all, it was a great week at The Rock Church.


Saturday was mid-season championships. It was also the first race on the 5/8’s mile BIG track. We had a decent car through practice, qualifying and the race, but dodged a bullet when the left front hub bearing began to disintegrate. I ended up 7th on the night, avoided a big wreck and had a few sweet moves. It was a ton of fun. The heat was extreme. I would have liked to finish a bit higher, but the car is in one piece, and 7th is respectable.

Here is a recap of my season goals as of mid season championship night.

Goal: To be top 5 in points by season end.
Mid Season: I am 4th by one point.

Goal: To win one race.
Mid Season: I have 1 win, and plan on winning again.

Goal: To run strong each week.
Mid Season: I’ve had a strong car every week.

Goal: To have fun.
Mid Season: It’s a competitive fun each week.

Goal: To make new friends.
Mid Season: I have many new friends this year.

Goal: To lead someone to Christ.
Mid Season: Have lead 2 people to Christ.

Goal: To have a weekly devotional at the track.
Mid Season: Instead of a devotional I get to pray at the pit meeting each week. That’s cool. But, I just got my devotional books last week, so I’m going to get the team reading them for the 2nd half of the season.

Congrats to Jason Fraser, Naima Lang and Kelly Mann for their podium finishes on Saturday.


OK, so let’s see what’s coming up this weekend.

Saturday night we are racing on the 5/8’s mile track. I practiced last night and the car was phenomenal. Looking forward to getting after it tomorrow. Speeds should reach 110+ on the straight/80+ through the turns, and given the forecast temps should be about 120+ in the car. I need some water right now!!!

Sunday morning is the final message of the One Prayer series. Perry Noble will be the messenger, and you don’t want to miss this guy. It will be hilarious if I know Perry.

Finally, we are still waiting on some final numbers from the bank regarding the purchase of our church building. We will be taking some huge offerings toward the building purchase the next few weeks, so come with a heart to knock this thing out. I got an email today from a family who is so thrilled to be a part of a church with such big plans. That made my day.

Looks to be spectacular weather, so come on out to the track and church this weekend!