The Fall Festival of Funness. Should be a packed house at TRC from 6-10pm.

Evergreen Speedway Awards banquet at Tulalip Casino.

Kick off to Random Questions 2. Week 1 questions…plus a few others.

The final 4 days until the election. In reality, this is a historic election for the President of the United States.


A lot of highlights from this weekend…

  • Saturday morning at the Prosperity With a Purpose Conference was terrific. Being able to hear sound preaching on finances in times like these is critical. My perspective was adjusted, I and our church are no longer participating in the recession!
  • Having Dave Martin in town is fun. We laugh a lot about a lot of ridiculous stuff. Thanks Dave for being you.
  • It was a blast having so many people at the Lake Stevens Campus. God is clarifying the vision and I’m excited about the future.
  • I want to tell the world how amazing my wife is. As you know Seven Addison was added to our life last March. My wife hasn’t missed a beat! She continues to be an amazing woman of prayer, praise and taking care of me. She is the best. I am continually amazed at the woman she is. I really believe God is going to take her places in the next years. Many don’t know the depth she has. This is her year!!!
  • OK, so someone asked me what it meant to be a parent. My answer: I had no idea I could love someone so much! That little girl is the closest second to my amazing wife!!!
  • I was thinking the other day, It’s been a year since Melinda and I sold our dream home on Lake Stevens. At times I miss the amazing views and sounds of voices across the water, but what we’ve been able to do for others has blessed us more than having a big house.
  • Only 5 months until race season!
  • This Saturday night is the Evergreen Speedway Awards banquet. Looking forward to seeing teams awarded for their effort. People have no idea how hard these people work to race at Evergreen. I’ve never been to the Tulalip Casino before, so I’ll see it for the first time as that’s where the banquet is held.

Make a great week!


It was a rainy weekend. I had to travel alone because at the time there was not enough money in the church to send my wife and myself. Melinda was working full-time, like a lot of Pastor’s wives, but it was well beyond our means to afford two plane tickets. Ron Luce was preaching Friday night on “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.” About 4500 young people were in attendance.

I had never seen such a radical presentation of the gospel before.; The lights, sound, pyrotechnics, drama team and worship was amazing. I had VIP privileges so I sat at the sound-board because I liked the technical side of production. As Ron preached, my mind was captivated by the Holy Spirit. I began clenching my Bible with extreme force because something was erupting inside of me. Something I couldn’t explain was happening inside my spirit. God was speaking and He was calling me out.

Suddenly the altar call came and I witnessed nearly 80% of the room move towards the front to get their lives right with God. At the same time my emotions began to well up inside me. I began to see my home church and all the faces of the young people that served there. I began to see them being radically challenged to new things. As tears rolled from my eyes I stood on top of a chair to see what God was doing. The Holy Spirit was changing and challenging lives. Young people were laying their lives down at the altar. Drugs, alcohol, boyfriends, girlfriends, cars, cd’s, music, priorities were being left as they were turning their heart toward Jesus. It was awesome.

I left that night with all the free stuff I could muster. Ron had told Rich Franzen (now leader of Impact Africa) the production head to give me whatever I wanted, so I took advantage of it. I had every single book or tape that Ron had produced. As the weekend wore on I talked on the phone in to the early hours of the morning with my Pastor, some of the youth and my wife. When I wasn’t on the phone, I was reading or listening to tapes. Later, on the flight home I realized I hadn’t slept in 53 hours. God had so rocked my paradigm that my physical needs became unimportant as the vision for my city and our youth began to erupt.

There you have it, one of the most impactful weekends with God in my life…more to come later.


It was the spring of 1996 and I was on a trip that included traveling to Tulsa, Oklahoma and then onto Pittsburgh, PA.. I was investigating and meeting with a ministry called Teen Mania. Years before the President of TMM, Ron Luce, had ministered in my church and I had a great respect for him and all that God had done with his ministry since 1988. I went to meet about being the host church for Acquire the Fire. Located on a small college campus outside of Pittsburgh, this Seattle native had a run in with God. Little did I know what this trip would hold for the rest of my life.

I have lived in the Seattle area my whole life. Having been a Pastor’s Kid (PK) since the age of 14, I was very aware of the church and my calling in life. I knew in 1994 that I was called to full-time ministry as a Youth Pastor and began working in the church that raised me. With no formal internship experience and no bible college to raise me up in the protocol of ministry some seasons were hard and the fruit of the ministry just wasn’t always there. The first Sunday I preached 75 young people showed up: The next week we had 9. I was hardly an expert in church growth and multiplication. At the time our church was in between permanent facilities and the youth was meeting in a parking stall. After 22 months of believing God, preaching the Word, counseling kids, fighting the enemy, planning activities, doing outreach, praying my guts out, working hard, following leadership, reading books and attending conferences the youth ministry only had 14 young people, in a parking stall. Every week we would worship God with the adults, then right after the offering we would grab our chairs by the back door and circle them up outside.

As I reminisce about the first years of ministry I am reminded of all the heartache ,frustration and discontent I was experiencing. It seemed all of the effort I was putting in was to no avail. I focused entirely on spiritual warfare because I thought that the devil had his foot on my young people, my church and my city. What I learned is that the devil had his foot on my vision, methods and ideas. What I learned is that if ministering to young people was a part of God’s plan then He would accomplish it, I needed to take the pressure off. What I learned was that if I yield to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to have his way with the His church then I would have the great opportunity to be right-smack-dab in the middle of an incredible move of God. As I stood at Acquire the Fire God began to open the eyes of my heart.

To be continued…