2008 REFLECTIONS (2/2)

As I’ve looked through all 267 blog posts of 2008 I’ve concluded–perspective exercise–a few things…Make sure you read both sections, reading just the first one is not enough, perspective comes from balance….both “hands” are balancing each other…. On one hand…1. I’m afraid that my blog is not adequate. I’m asking myself, is what I write […]

2008 REFLECTIONS (1/2)

This week as I’ve been reflecting on 2008 I’ve come across some Big Moments. Not only have I found some Big Moments, but I’ve began to process what the whole year has looked like. Ten significant moments at knightrous.com in 2008…these were big deals for my 2008. Seven Addison Knight A Fresh Word Important Conversation […]


Want to reflect on your 2008, find out the good, the bad, the areas to celebrate and improve? Here is a little secret my Life Coach taught me. I want to share with you 8 statements that can help you reflect and gain vital perspective. Reflections can be a positive way to put circumstances, good […]


It was a welcome development, the schedule was back to normal for The Rock Church this weekend. The roads were pretty nasty around the area, so the attendance was off. I’m expecting a full January as the weather normalizes and people set out to get back in church! If you haven’t had a chance to […]