2008 REFLECTIONS (2/2)

As I’ve looked through all 267 blog posts of 2008 I’ve concluded–perspective exercise–a few things…

Make sure you read both sections, reading just the first one is not enough, perspective comes from balance….both “hands” are balancing each other….

On one hand…
1. I’m afraid that my blog is not adequate. I’m asking myself, is what I write complete or balanced enough? Could I cover more spiritual things, leadership lessons, team building stuff. To do so I’d have to make a bunch of time for it. I will have to evaluate if the time required is worth the return.
2. It makes me angry that I still get caught up in superfluous criticisms about myself, I’d really like to conquer this weakness. Truth be told I can’t stand it when some joker throws pot shots at something they know nothing about. I need to get over that, people say a lot of ridiculous stuff, I can’t control it, therefore, I cannot let it control my thoughts. Jesus said, “Woe be it unto you when all men speak well of you.” I need that to sink in.
3. I feel a bit ashamed about the fact that I did lose 20 lbs by July, but then I put some of it back on. No excuses here. I had a good thing going this year, and I let it slip in the 4th quarter. Can’t win games without playing tough in the 4th quarter, can’t win championships without leading the last laps of a race…going to finish strong in 2009.
4. I’m guilty of not finishing some important threads of thought in 2008. I need to follow through to develop ideas, prayers, spiritual quests, ideas, and creativity. I think many of those things are stolen because of #2.

On the other hand…
1. I’m proud that my passion for God plays out in many areas of my life. It’s not just a church thing for this pastor, it’s a whole life calling.
2. I’m happy that many of the goals–fasting, prayer, study, family, financial, social, emotional–I set for 2008 have become realities.
3. I’m grateful for the blessing of Seven, I’m a dad!
4. My wife is the most supportive, willing, capable and helpful person I know. I’m secure in knowing we will be together forever!

Where does one go from here with this information? Well, I will sit with those things I desire to improve, celebrate the victories I’ve had, call my coach and set some new objectives, goals, resolutions for 2009. It is at hand, time to get cracken..

2008 REFLECTIONS (1/2)

This week as I’ve been reflecting on 2008 I’ve come across some Big Moments. Not only have I found some Big Moments, but I’ve began to process what the whole year has looked like.

Ten significant moments at knightrous.com in 2008…these were big deals for my 2008.

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  8. One of the Funnest Weekends of the Summer
  9. My Summer in Pics
  10. Trip to NYC, Nov 29

How about you? Put you ten moments from your blog, or make a list and link/write in the comments of this post. I’d love to know your high point of 2008!