It is on this day every year that I awake to the memories of my mom and dad, who I miss so much. It is on this day that they died in a plane crash, 9 years ago. It hardly seems that long, but feels like an eternity. I forgot their smell, their touch and […]

GOOD WORD? (3/3)

Matt 5:37, “Just say a simple, ‘Yes, I will,’ or ‘No, I won’t.’ Anything beyond this is from the evil one.” So how do you fix it when you put your word out there, but don’t follow through? I’ve done this and it stinks, but sorrowfully it happens, not often, but sometimes. Humility. Humble yourself […]

GOOD WORD? (2/3)

Thank you to those who threw something in the comments on the first post of this series, keep it coming. This scripture really hits the nail on the head about how we use our word… 2 Cor 1:18-20, “As surely as God is faithful, my word to you does not waver between “Yes” and “No.” […]

GOOD WORD? (1/3)

The other day I was confronted by something that really disappointed me. Somebody told me that I had let another person down because I committed something to that person, but didn’t follow through. I hate that, but it does happen every now and then. I don’t want it to happen anymore, so I thought I’d […]


Wow, time is buzzing by quicker than a chocolate lover in the Hershey factory. It seems that a lot of stuff is going on, and I’m super intentional with time and planning right now. This week is the MFI Regional Conference in Kirkland. I made a decision to attend the day sessions only because Melinda […]