There is a healthy focus when we make time to pray. Melinda did just that a week ago, and when she returned we both felt the urgent need to bring our church together for a time of focused worship and prayer. Tonight is the night, 7PM.

Expect two things during these kinds of experiences. Expect to really plug into worship, and expect to receive from the Lord. I can, with great confidence say, some of my most memorable times with the Lord were in prayer and worship environments.


It is often hard to describe the music in your church. I can remember,w hen I was younger, how I struggled to communicate what it was like. There are a lot of people who base their decision to come to a church on the music. For instance, I grew up around the hymns and such. It was more like a choir and less like a band. Then I was exposed to the church music being played by a band. I think both led me to a place of worship, neither are right or wrong. But, I want to know what I am in store for. Like if I go to another city and visit a church I want to know the music, what to expect.

So use this post here to show people what The Rock Church is like. It’s not the best recording, but I think you’ll get the point.

True Love from The Rock Church on Vimeo.


I wanted to write a short snippet to all those who follow the Recently my blog has taken a lower priority on my weekly radar. No doubt, there are countless things to write about, crazy things to report on, but this re prioritization has been unintentional. I have been working hard at creating the margin to get back to blogging regularly, but this temporary hiatus is a “what happens when” moment.

For me a “what happens when” moment is the collateral experiences that take place when “what” happens. For me, this re prioritization happened when I started following my facebook more regularly. Suddenly people were emerging and fb’ing all the time. My quota of Internet nanoseconds is limited, and when I wanted to go to the blog to post something, “what” happened again. There was no time for the blog, no inspiration. It seems that social networking sucks the very life out of me, to the point where I’ve emailed all my friends, but have nothing left to share! Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but considering the other night I had to process 293 emails dating back to February 6th I think you get my drift.

I am re prioritizing my digi-life, or is it the “e-life.” Whatever the case may be, blogging something worthwhile is just as important as answering tedious emails and random facebooks. Oh, and don’t get me started on twitter. Here is what I’ve discovered about twitter, there are a 100 posts I have written and deleted cause I’m not sure they are interesting enough.

I’ll be back a bit later, got a meeting now.


This is one of those weeks the rpm’s are at the red line. We have Easter Weekend–Eggstravaganza, Sunday Servies–and the opening weekend of the 2009 race season at Evergreen. There is so much to be done.

Things that might be said on April 13th…

“We had 1,000 people at church on Saturday!” Get out there and invite families to the Eggstravaganza, at Monroe Campus. It really is one of the best weekend events in the area.

“The Rock Church broke all Easter attendance records.” Let’s see, what is the record, 1,380. In 2007, we had 1,380 people at 3 Sunday services. Can we break the record? I believe we can if we are quick to invest in people and invite them to church.

“Jeff finished T-3.” There are some stout competitors at Evergreen Speedway this year. We worked on our stuff a lot during the off season, but I would love to get the first win of the season out of the way on the first week. We will see. It’s not easy to win a late model race, alot of things have to go right and the driver has to be there at the end.

“Natalie finished T-10.” Natalie Sather, our Drive for Diversity Driver, debuts at Evergreen this weekend. This will be her first green flag ever in a asphalt late model. She will do a lot better than top ten at many races, but it’s a good goal for week 1.

“Practice, Practice, Practice.” No matter if is is church or racing I am continually reinforcing to our leaders that practice is the key. We need to learn each and every weekend at church and at the track. Practice, practice, and more practice.