I traveled to Guam on Sunday, landed in Guam Monday evening. We had a great rehearsal dinner on Monday night and the wedding was Tuesday evening. They setting was spectacular, the couple adorable. They wanted me to share a couple pics I took with the new I phone. I got a video also,gotta love my […]


Edits: 6/30/09 from Guam. That’ll teach me for writing on the plane, and then sending to the blog. I’ve got to edit for grammar and spelling…sorry.We had a great car on Saturday, the best this year. I felt like we had a shot at the win more than any other race in ’09. Steve, my […]


I saw this yesterday…it challenged my “jumping.” The African impala has the ability to stand still on all fours and jump over 8 feet high, as high as 13! It can go 30 feet out! If it can’t see where it’s going to land, it won’t jump… it has no faith. It will only jump […]


Quench is in full swing! People are giving out H2OOOOYEAH all over the place. A lot of great stories about thankfulness. Keep it up, giving away water is a great opportunity to serve people. Don’t be worried about persecution. One story I heard a guy said, “I’d rather go thirsty than drink Jesus water.” I […]