Week 12~4th

I write this a little late this week. Saturday’s race was number 12 of the 18 race weekends this year. We practiced really well. I had joked with the team that in the race I would drive around the outside, go to the front and win by a straight away. Heat Race.Started 4th. The battle […]


Dear Rock Church, Attack is directly associated to our progress, not our circumstance. We are where we are because of what we’ve overcome and the breaks we’ve had. The attack is only happening right now, not for our present, but because of our future. I think the enemy wants the believer to draw back right […]


…that take care of people. Dear Rock Church, For me, this involves taking care of my teams. There are so many who make The Rock Church possible. They give of themselves selflessly for the purposes of Jesus and the local church. It’s really amazing when you think about it. There are teams at our church […]


Dear Rock Church, Joy is the choice God gives us everyday when we get up in the morning. You and I will overcome every situation in our lives with joy. It was the joy that was set before Christ that caused him to endure the cross, and that great joy is available to you and […]


Dear Rock Church, Write it down so you and I will not forget, the times when God saw us through. Remember the times and seasons the Lord has brought us through. How many second chances has the Lord given? How many times have we been blessed with His provision? Stop and pray and take the […]