Week 12~4th

I write this a little late this week. Saturday’s race was number 12 of the 18 race weekends this year. We practiced really well. I had joked with the team that in the race I would drive around the outside, go to the front and win by a straight away.

Heat Race.
Started 4th. The battle up front was pretty intense so I held back intentionally because I didn’t see any point in wrecking anything. Finished 4th.

In the main I started outside Natalie on the front row. I got a good jump and took the lead lap one. Then I drove away just like my plan, for 38 laps.

Dan Moore got into Natalie and Natalie went around, bringing out the caution. The green-white-checkered finish should have enabled me to close the deal, but it would not be. Naima and I had contact and I went around, finishing 4th.

My car is super good for this weekend, and I am pumped to get back at it.


Dear Rock Church,

Attack is directly associated to our progress, not our circumstance. We are where we are because of what we’ve overcome and the breaks we’ve had. The attack is only happening right now, not for our present, but because of our future.

I think the enemy wants the believer to draw back right now, sell properties, forfeit square footage and give up on ground already taken. Yes, there are times when retreat is a must, but there are more times when it’s time to fight!

What has always made our church give huge amount of resources was our ability to not just be a Sunday church, but to minister 24/7. I think the enemy would have any church capable of impacting a generation draw back, but I say NO WAY.

We need to push right now. We need to push our attitude to a new place of taking ground, not giving it up. We need to push our giving, serving and worship to higher heights. We need to push the envelope of resources and tap the reserves. It’s all in, not some in.

Here is precisely where to pray in regards to warfare. Pray that our legs will not fail, that our hearts will not callous, that our minds will not forget, that our hands will be available, that our towels will never run out, that our water is refreshing, that our campuses are full of hope, that our cities look to us, that our leaders faint not, that our money multiply, that our people be lifted, and that our provision follows a cause.

These are the weapons as we fight: Vision and Giving. Have the courage to be a part of a vision larger than yourself and have the faith to underwrite that vision! God will not leave you hanging as He has already won the battle on your behalf. He has done his part, now do yours.

Pressing the Mark,
Jeff Knight


…that take care of people.

Dear Rock Church,

For me, this involves taking care of my teams. There are so many who make The Rock Church possible. They give of themselves selflessly for the purposes of Jesus and the local church. It’s really amazing when you think about it.

There are teams at our church needing prayer, encouragement, and building. Catch them doing right things, living out the core values of the Word of God and our church. Take care of the ones whom take care of people. The ones who meet the needs of people in the trenches of church work, these are the ones whom need our care, love and words of kindness also.

Our people are the most precious ones we have. Plan parties for them, write about them on your blogs, talk about them with your friends, put there faces on your prayer walls, type about them on facebook, twitter and elsewhere. The people of The Rock Church are priceless.

Pressing the Mark,

Jeff Knight


Dear Rock Church,

Joy is the choice God gives us everyday when we get up in the morning. You and I will overcome every situation in our lives with joy. It was the joy that was set before Christ that caused him to endure the cross, and that great joy is available to you and I for daily living. It should not matter the climatic conditions, when our hearts are right and our motives are pure, joy becomes our weapon as we pray and live.

Living in the climate we have been in for the last 18 months has challenged our joy at times. There is nothing more frustrating than having economic woes, and although these kinds of challenges are usually reserved for those we expect there is no doubt that hard times have fallen on many good people. Regardless, we never want to be the people who can’t find joy. There is still goodness all around us. Even when there is lack there is goodness, although, we may have to purpose to find it more often.

Restore your joy. Communicate with a heart of joy the important mission of people. Enjoy one another, don’t be too quick to end the conversation, the prayer time or the moment. Let’s have joy when someone drops in on on our day-timer. Let’s rejoice over our reputation to help and give.

In times like these joy is not only a choice, it is a medicine that makes the heart merry.

Pressing the Mark,

Jeff Knight


Dear Rock Church,

Write it down so you and I will not forget, the times when God saw us through.

Remember the times and seasons the Lord has brought us through. How many second chances has the Lord given? How many times have we been blessed with His provision? Stop and pray and take the time to meditate on what has been. In the last 12 months, during the worst economy in decades, the Lord has and is sustaining you!

There are so many times we have been out-budgeted, out-volunteered and still God did “HIS thing” with our church! Remember the grace that has been upon us. It’s a great grace that is upon this church. We’ve purchased our Monroe Campus, been given the Lake Stevens campus! Think about the lives that have been touched, we did not do that, grace upon this house did that. Think about the people involved in your area of ministry, they are there because God graced you to lead.

How about the battles won! How about the favor given! These are the things of Grace!!!! Remember the grace that is upon this house and pray with thankfulness! It’s not warfare that wins the battles; IT IS GRACE FROM GOD!!! The warfare just opens the door for Grace to be Magnified. Let’s magnify Grace in our lives! It is amazing.

Pressing the Mark,

Jeff Knight