Not really, but my world stood still for a bit today. I had some meetings that took small detours, there was a confrontation, then a solution, then a God moment, then a meeting, followed by another meeting and mixed into it all I was thinking, “Wow, this will be a day I look back upon as a turning point.”

Adversity is the building block of the future. I have lived this first hand, many times. With every challenge conquered comes another brick in the staircase I climb.

After today this is my message to you. Keep climbing, keep heading upward and get stronger. After all, the Holy Spirit is convicting you of righteousness (John 16:8). Keep allowing Him to convict you to be the best God created you to be.


People I talk with about faith often site a lack of understanding as one of the biggest reasons why they struggle. I know I have experienced confusion and defeat when I don’t know God, His Character and great message to me.

If you attend church every Sunday for a year you’ll only get 52 messages, only 52 opportunities to gain more understanding. But if we are being real, barely anyone attends church every weekend anymore, right? Ok, so a lot of people do attend church every weekend, but those who are struggling with things like “Studying the Bible, or “what does God say about ______” usually don’t attend church every weekend. In fact, most people only attend church once or twice a month. No wonder we know more about what Miley Cyrus is releasing than what King Cyrus did for God’s people.

My recommendation to every Christ follower is simple, attend some Bible classes. In just a few short weeks you can focus you efforts like a laser and gain huge understanding. In my personal experience I have read the Bible cover to cover many times, but when I took New and Old Testaments Survey I gained big time.

At The Rock Church that is what we want for you. We want you to gain understanding not only so you can be really smart, but so you can live an amazing life connected with God. That’s why we offer Bible Classes at The Rock Church. The Rock Church School of the Bible is a legit extension campus of Portland Bible College and you can earn an Associates Degree if you desire or simply audit the classes to increase your understanding. It’s all here, right in Monroe.

So check out this link and get plugged into something that just might give you the competitive edge on life.


Melinda and I were invited to be a apart of the installation of Judah and Chelsea Smith as Lead Pastors at The City Church. City Church founding pastors, Pastors Wendell and Gini Smith have been so instrumental in our lives the last 10 years. I love and value them much.

Judah and Chelsea have been trusted friends. We’ve shared many dinners, lunches, and hang out times with these two, and I am so excited about what is happening in the Seattle region.

There were many of Seattle’s who’s who of church leaders there. People like Mark Driscol, Mars Hill; Casey Treat, Christian Faith Center; Jan Hettinga, Northshore Baptist, to name a few. Also huge leaders from around the nation and world, Nick Caine, Hillsong Church, Australia; Frank Damazio, City Bible Church, Portland, Dave Martin, DMI, Orlando, and Dick Iverson, MFI. In addition, letters were read from John Maxwell, Oral Roberts, Rienhard Bonke, John Bevere, Derek Prince and so many others. It was great to see a young man and woman, Judah’s 30, so celebrated and trusted.

The whole evening brought me back nearly 10 years ago when I was set in as the Lead Pastor of The Rock church. Our pastors, my mom and dad, less than one week earlier were killed in a plane crash, and it made the coronation at The Rock Church much different. Instead of cheers we had tears. Unlike this star filled event of last night, my becoming a lead pastor was born out of pain. Yet, as the theme, “by God’s grace” continued throughout last night I recognized time and time again how that grace sustains us all. That no matter the circumstance, it’s the same grace!

As I sat and listened to both Wendell and Gini charge Judah and Chelsea for their next step in minsitry I closed my eyes and imagined what it would have been like to hear my mom and dad charge Melinda and I. I have to say, as Pastor talked, a tear flowed from my eyes. What he said was moving and strong, tender and tough, inspiring and captivating.

And then it hit me, Pastor Wendell and Gini have been my pastors for nearly ten years. So as I listened to them talk to their son, I quietly remembered the countless conversation I had with mom and dad, all the talks about church and God, life and love.

As I lay my head on the pillow last night, I had this sense that, we too, have the best and brightest years ahead of The Rock Church.

Thank you Pastor Wendell, Pastor Gini and congrats to two of the most amazing people I call friends, Judah and Chelsea.

Week 14-7th and 9th

The weekend of the fair equals one big double header, a very cool trophy and high car count. It is the kind of race you want to do well in. We did really well last year, but this year would not give us the same fruit. This year we were challenged.

Rather than sum up practice, qualifying and racing I’d rather just say, “The car was off, big time.” Not really sure why, which is aggravating and leads to sleep deprivation as the team goes through every possible scenario.

Could it be undiscovered crash damage from the week before? We did have to change the left side suspension. Could it be a broken component? The rear end was acting up in the first main, but we thought we fixed it for the second main. Was the driver just out to lunch all day and night? Is there a broken shock shim, or otherwise. Weeks like the double header when you finish 7th and 9th with a car that has been phenomenal lead us to long hours in the shop going over every component.

I need to stop writing now and go work on my stuff. See ya next weekend at Evergreen Speedway.

WEEK 13-4th

Week 13 was met with some awesome challenges! First, we had wrecked the car on the last lap last week, so the guys had to fix some cosmetic stuff and make sure nothing else was amiss. Meanwhile, I was out of town on a retreat; things had to be pretty seamless to get the car ready for the 22nd, they were.

My team this year is stellar. I really like how we are approaching all the challenges with great attitudes and an overcoming perspective. It’s been a season of some heart break, no doubt, but these guys and gals are pushing forward. That first win will be a huge moment for all of us.

As I was sitting and waiting for 1st practice I told the guys, if we run 17.6’s and .7’s we have a great car, 17.9’s and we need to work on it, 18.0’s and worse and we’ve got issues. 1st practice revealed what we had hoped for 17.6’s and .7’s The car was great, setting fast time of practice.

We then followed it up with my 1st pole position. We had 2 tenths of a second on the field.

Heat Race.
Started 1st, cleared the outside car by lap 2 and went on to win.

Things were looking good for about 100 yards, then we got turned into the inside wall. It was the 1st corner of the 1st lap. The car was junk, wrecked and although I went on, it was bent.