…UNTIL YOU DISCOVER IT. Who you need is right around you, right now. You need a friend, there is one. You need support, it’s there. A pastor, there. Everyone you need is around you. You just have to figure out how to find them.

In the last post we were talking about showing those who do what you value how much you value them. In this post let’s talk about those who have a great capacity to do what you value, but sometimes live undiscovered right next door.

Leaders ask, “How many people of great worth am I missing who are surrounding me?” A leaders job is to discover the worth/value of people. Like a miner searching for buried treasure this is our task. Leaders are to dig out the worth of others and show it to the world.

This can only be accomplished when the existing leader (the miner) chooses to…

Stop judging too early.
Stop making assumptions about those around you. So many times weak leaders pass judgment too early and never get the chance to discover the true value of those right next to them.

Stop being threatened by the worth of others.
I see leaders do this in church. Someone is brand new to the church and has a natural gifting to lead. All of a sudden they are moving through the ranks of an already established leadership. Pretty soon and existing leader is threatened, and nothing good comes

Develop people.
Leadership exists because of people. If you are a paid staff member in any people oriented organization like a church/non-profit you will be unemployed if you don’t reach and discover the worth of people. Look for worth, and find out what makes those around you valuable. Then tell them.


…UNTIL IT’S GONE. Have you heard that phrase before?

I had a meeting with some dear friends of mine and huge contributors to the vision of The Rock Church. In the meeting we talked about all kinds of stuff, but mainly we talked about how important it is to value one another. After our time together I reflected on a leadership moment I had while talking, “Make sure those you value know you value them while they are there to value.”

When we don’t value those around us there is a very real chance they may not be around us any longer. Wisdom tells us what we value will move toward us, what we take for granted will move away.

Have you told those you value how much you value them? It’s a pretty big deal because when they go you might not get the chance. For instance, my friend Kathryn Tongg was on staff for 9+ years, and just recently she knew the Lord was asking her to be a full-time mom. She prepared to leave the staff position she’d held for nearly a decade. To my amazement it was unbelievable after her transition how many times I wanted to step outside my office and ask Kathryn a question. It was uncanny how much of what I value was resting within Kathryn, and now she is not here. Did I tell her how much I valued her while she was executing that which I value? A good question to ask yourself if your a leader.

Take the time before the end of this year to tell those you value how much you value them. Think about the person on your team or in your life who you really miss when they are absent with the flu or on vacation, this a person of great worth in your life. Take the time to value them!