Fasting makes us a better at worshiping the Lord. Why? Because it strips away the hindrances of our flesh, which often gets what it wants. Fasting opens our life to focusing on spiritual growth. I heard a quote that applies the other day, “This will be the best year of your life IF you make your best effort to grow spiritually.” Mmmm, that’s tasty. Now add to your fasting some United, David Crowder, Hillsong, Chris Tomlin or another favorite worship leader, like Melinda, or Terryl (their my favs). When I’m fasting the words of the songs mean so much more and my worship explodes!

BTW…we are fasting for numerous song writing sessions and the recording of 3 projects in 2010! That’s big time.

image from highlandcc.net

WATER, H20 Yeeaaahhhh!

While setting some goals for this year for The Rock it occurred to me that one of those things most important while fasting is water!!! Drink lots of water.

BTW…we are fasting for the successful digging and operation of 12 wells in Cambodia this year, and 40,000 bottles of Quench water to be given away.