I got away with Melinda for a couple days this week. We flew out on Sunday PM heading for Houston to meet at Lakewood Church and Joel and Victoria Osteen; about the Champions Network. To our surprise some of our favorite people were on our plane, Judah and Chelsea Smith. As you know Judah’s parents, […]

Race 4 – 3rd

It was our first race on the big 5/8′s mile track. This track is awesome. It’s fast, it takes courage and for the record my crew chief, Steve, has always delivered a bullet at this place. I really feel like I can win on the 5/8′s. Saturday night proved I only need to make small […]

Race 3 – 5th

I am writing this post a week and a couple days removed from race three. You can read about the race here. For the record I think Tom Moriarty is a fantastic champion, eight times. He and I will race hard all season, and I think it will be a great battle this year. Practice. […]

Weekend Reflections

Awesome day today at church…some high points. I looked out before 1st service. There were so many people gearing up to serve. Ushers, greeters, presenters, baristas– all happy people were getting it done. It really is an amazing blessing to pastor The Rock Church. Note to self: if I find myself sitting around before church […]