3rd WIN!!!

Photo By Kristian Gorman

These particular weekends at the track are some of my favorites.  The Evergreen State Fair is in full swing, so you can smell the food and enjoy a Scone after the races are over.  The crowds are bigger, and people are having a great time.

Win number 3 came this past weekend.  We qualified 1st, finished the heat in 2nd, and won the main going away.  I started the main outside front row,and got the lead on lap 2.  It was the most exciting part of the race.  Once in front I hit my marks and the car was just awesome.  I told Steve after the race, “I think this is the best 3/8’s car we’ve ever had.”  Really, it was perfect, and fast.

After the race was over we headed to the fair and ate.  I had my one scone.  I’ve been on a strict eating program and scones are a no-no, but I figured I’d earned at least one.  It was mouth watering.

The weekend prior we qualified 4th, finished the heat 1st, and in the main we finished 2nd.  We had talked about making a small adjustment to the car before the main, but didn’t do it.  We should have.  I think if we had tweaked it a bit the win could have been in our grasp.  Tom got the ‘W’, but it was a positive points night for us, gaining 1.

It’s only a few days until the Championship.  I think things are pretty locked in and we will get 2nd, but that’s not to say it’s not possible.  Yet, to win the title three things will have to happen 1) big car count, 2) Tom will need grief and 3) I will have to win.  Since I have nothing to do with who shows up at the track I can do nothing about #1.  Since I’m not a fan of ‘grief” for any driver I’ll do nothing about #2.  However, the one thing I can do something about is #3.  My car will be prepared meticulously, my crew are some of the best int he NW, and you can guarantee I will be up on the wheel this weekend on the 5/8’s mile track.  Actually, I can hardly wait.

See ya there.