Racing June 25

Photo by Tom Vick

Saturday night was another double-header on the 5/8’s mile oval at Evergreen Speedway.  I love this track!  Super fast, good grip, technical enough to separate the fast cars from the slow.  It’s all around a great track to race on.  We’ve been on it more than usual this year, and since I haven’t written about the other races you can guess I’ve had some bad luck.  The first weekend out since my last post racing was rained out.  We then had a double-header and I was turned into the wall early in the first race, and had a mechanical as a result of the crash in the second, not my favorite night.  The next twin 50’s events I went 7th and 4th, simply because I wasn’t up to speed.  We’ve had a lot of damage this year resulting in my doing more management than racing.

Cars are a lot like guitars.  A musician can get a new top of the line guitar, but it’s not a favorite until it’s been played a while.  While playing, small tweaks impact the feel and action of the strings.  Now and then the strings need to be replaced, so once again the only way to get it perfect is to play it.  Race cars are like that.  You can have all the best stuff, but until you’ve raced it and made small tweaks the car just doesn’t perform as good as it can.  When you spend a lot of time fixing the car because of crashing it’s hard to get the feel and action back.  So this weekend, June 25th, was really the first time I felt like the car was where it needed to be.

We qualified at a 22.8!  That’s the fastest I’ve ever went around the old 5/8’s mile.  The team was awesome and the car performed really well on corner entry, through the center and exit.  Fun times.

In the first main we started outside row 4.  There was a rookie on the pole, so it was best we were in the outside line because I remember my first race starting on the pole and I knew he was nervy.  My outside row got with it and we all pulled into the top 4 pretty quick.  It didn’t take long for me to get to the front, and the car was just spectacular!  Dan Moore, the 16, had come up and taken the lead from me after a long hard fought battle on the outside of him.  He was just better off the corner than me and it was frustrating because I was totally wide-open with the accelerator and we couldn’t keep up.  We had a couple restarts and the battles ensued, but I just couldn’t hang with him on the straightaway. Eventually I dropped to 2nd, and after another restart Naima got me.  I had a great car, but not enough speed down the chute.  We finished 3rd!  Which was acceptable after the previous weeks.  We continually are showing improvement.

Before the second main things got interesting.  The guys discovered the throttle linkage was bound up, meaning I was only 75% wide-open.  Even with the pedal on the mat we couldn’t go as fast as the others.  What a relief!  Because I just thought this amazing car was slow.  However, we had a new problem.  The guys made HUGE changes to the chassis before we got the throttle fixed in order to find speed.  We had know idea now what we would have for a race car in the 2nd 50 lap main.

In the second main we were decent from the green flag.  I started outside row 3 and quickly found my way to 2nd place.  We probably had a 2nd place car, but things would get rough entering turn three.  Not really sure why this happened, other than the other driver not having patience, but entering turn 3 I was contesting for the lead on the outside.  My car pushed up in the center of the corner.  When I rotated it and went for corner exit I got left reared.  The 9 car was there and we made contact which sent me into this long drift.  Smoke filled the cockpit and I started the big whip hoping to spin the car 360 degrees and avoid another crash into the wall.  It worked!  We missed the hard impact and just grazed the wall, and were able to throw it in 2nd gear and take off!  The 9 car was not penalized which infuriated me and my fans.  There was just no need to get turned like that.

We started back up dead last, and after a hard charge to get to the top ten ended up 7th or 8th, don’t know for sure.

Anyway, it was a great weekend of racing.  Still don’t have the gremlins out of the car or my head just yet, but we are getting closer and closer to getting that first win of the season.  July 9 and 10 is a huge weekend for racing at Evergreen Speedway.  Can’t wait.

“And you He made alive…”

LIFE Thought
A reporter, interviewing an old man on his 100th birthday, asked, “What are you most proud of?”
“Well,” said the old man, pondering the question, “I don’t have an enemy in the world.”
“That’s wonderful!” said the reporter.
“Yep,” he answered, “I’ve outlived every last one of them.”


General Westmoreland visited a platoon of troops in Vietnam.  During the conversation, the general asked this question:  “How do you like jumping out of planes?”  The first paratrooper responded, “I love it sir!”  “How do you like jumping?” he asked the next.  “It’s a fantastic experience, sir!” exclaimed the soldier.  “I couldn’t imagine not doing it.”  “How do you like it?” he asked the third.  “I’m scared to death, sir, and don’t much like it,” he honestly replied.  “Then why do you do it?”  The general queried.  “Because I love being around guys who enjoy it.”

Couple thoughts:

Ephesians 2:1  “And you He made alive…”
Duet 4:4  “But you who held fast to the Lord your God are alive today, every one of you.”
Romans 6:11  “Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
2 Corinthians 15:22 “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive.”
1 Peter 3:18  “For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive by the spirit.”

1 Samuel 30:3-6
When David and his men saw the ruins and realized what had happened to their families, 4 they wept until they could weep no more. 5 David’s two wives, Ahinoam from Jezreel and Abigail, the widow of Nabal from Carmel, were among those captured. 6 David was now in great danger because all his men were very bitter about losing their sons and daughters, and they began to talk of stoning him. But David found strength in the Lord his God.

Psalms 118:8-13
It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in people.  9 It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.  10 Though hostile nations surrounded me, I destroyed them all with the authority of the Lord.  11 Yes, they surrounded and attacked me, but I destroyed them all with the authority of the Lord.  12 They swarmed around me like bees; they blazed against me like a crackling fire.  But I destroyed them all with the authority of the Lord.  13 My enemies did their best to kill me, but the Lord rescued me.

“It’s easy to make a hard and difficult season too much in your life.”

1. Seasons are chapters in your story, not your story
The struggles and difficulties are
o    Transition
o    Criticism
o    Uncommitted people
o    Own agendas
o    “I quit” chapter
o    Betrayal

“The most destructive devices are clothed in the most spiritual garments.”

2.  How we interpret the current chapter will determine the rest of the story.
“Most problems are not circumstantial, they are perceptive.”
“It’s not the reality, but how we interpret the reality.”
Interpret where you are at well.  What season are you in.

3.  The best lead their lives beyond their current chapters.

“You are more defined  by how you respond in crisis.”

Wisdom: Begin to make time for those in your life that have already lived through the seasons you may be in.  The “here is what I think is going to happen voices in your life” type of people bring wisdom and experience.

4.  Some of the worst chapters make the best stories.

Psalms 62:5
Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.


Synopsis of Gideon  {Judges 6, 7 and 8}
o    Gideon:  Military hero and spiritual leaders who delivered Israel from the oppression of the Midianites.
o    Hidden in wine press, angel of the Lord appears to him.
o    Gideon asks for a sign, the angel of the Lord consumes the offering. Gideon recognizes his personal call to serve God.
o    His first assignment was to destroy his father’s altar to Baal in the family backyard.  The city rose up against him, but Gideon’s dad defended him by saying, that an authentic God should need no defense.
o    Gideon put the call out to rally people around Israel’s cause.  32,000 show up.
o    Gideon dismisses the fearful and 10,000 remain.  He’s outnumbered 13 to 1.
o    “There’s still too many,” says the Lord.  Those who lapped water, never taking their eyes of the horizon, were retained in Gideon’s army; those who go down on their knees to drink, forgetting to keep watch for the enemy, were dismissed.  300 remained…450 to 1.
o    300 hundred were divided into three companies, each given a trumpet, pitcher and a torch.
o    In one moment 300 trumpets sounded, followed by 300 pitchers smashed to bits, 300 burning torches piercing the darkness and 300 warriors crying out, “The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!”

Through the life and exploits of Gideon, God reveals much about Himself and the preparation which His leaders need for divine service.
·    Gideon shows that God calls leaders from unlikely situations.
·    Gideon was a poor farmer’s son who worked with his hands, and his father was an idol worshiper (Judg 6:15,25). Still, he was an effective leader in God’s service.
·    Gideon also teaches that God prefers a few dedicated and disciplined disciples to throngs of uncommitted workers. God can win victories with a fully committed minority (Judg 7:2,4,7).
·    Another leadership lesson from Gideon is that a leader’s spiritual life is sustained by regular worship. Devout Gideon appears to have worshiped frequently-in times of personal crisis as well as celebration (Judg 6:18-21; 7:15).

2 Samuel 22:2-3
He said:  “The Lord is my rock, my protection, my Savior. 3 My God is my rock.
I can run to him for safety.  He is my shield and my saving strength, my defender and my place of safety. The Lord saves me from those who want to harm me. NCV

Galatians 6:9-10
So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.

1 John 4:4-5
But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world.

Its time to start winning again!
Make a step this week to see yourself as God sees you. A man of God winning again. A Father of God who’s heart is turned back to the hearts of his children.We are praying for you, and believing with you.