TRC Pastors Council

After 12 years of working together with my Board of Elders, it was unanimously agreed, we needed to make some modifications to our internal structure at The Rock Church.  The decision was made to redesign our by-laws and make a new team called the Pastor’s Council. The team will be composed of three distinct areas: […]

TRC Advisory Board

Prior to my good friend and Pastor, Wendell Smith, passing away he made a recommendation to Melinda and I regarding the leadership structure of The Rock Church.  Our current structure was adequate, but Pastor Wendell was always looking for the best system.  We are calling it the TRC Advisory Board.  At present Pastor Kevin and […]

The Law of Reciprocity

This last Sunday I talked of reciprocity.  For some strange reason I couldn’t enunciate the word, so thank you to those who chipped in and helped; nevertheless, articulating the concept is much more easier.  The Law of Reciprocity when you break it down practically means, to me, “I go First!”  In your life reciprocity is […]