It’s Time to Go Pro!

In one-way, or another, we are all professionals!  There are professional artists reading this, professional musicians, professional business people, professional educators, leaders, parents, and coaches.  Many of you are PRO at what you do.

Now, when I talk professional I don’t mean those people and jobs of “the professions.”  What I mean is the professional in contrast to the amateur.

The amateur plays for fun, the professional plays for keeps.  To the amateur the game is avocation, something a person does in addition to an occupation.  A hobby.  To the pro it’s his vocation, a calling, something divinely inspired.  The amateur plays part-time, the professional full-time.  The amateur is a weekend warrior.  The professional is there seven days a week.  (excerpts from The War of Art, great book).

The word amateur is rooted in the Latin word meaning “to love.”  The conventional interpretation is that the amateur pursues his calling out of love, while the pro does it for the money.  That’s how my grandfather taught me the difference between a professional golfer and an amateur golfer; one got paid, the other didn’t.  BUT that is NOT the way to see it.

The amateur does not love the contest enough.  If he did, he would not chase it as secondary, separate from his “real” job!  The professional loves it so much he dedicates his life to it!  He commits full-time; Paid or unpaid; Rewarded or overlooked.

It doesn’t matter where your faith is at this morning, experienced or inexperienced, until you Go PRO you will never know.  A professional tastes all the flavor.  A professional experiences all the benefits!

Don’t you wanna live like a PRO!  I think that’s the way God wants us to live!  All heart.  All soul.  All in.  Right now!

It’s time to go to the Big Leagues!  Sacred or secular environments do not matter.  If you’ve ever needed the confidence to really know what you’re doing matters? It’s time to go Pro.

If you’ve ever asked, “How are my gifts making a difference? When we don’t know what we do matters it’s because we’re living as amateurs, we don’t love the game enough!  We don’t believe in the mission plentifully!  We’ve yet to sell out to the purpose!  The real rewards of LIFE come when we go pro!

I see this in scripture through the Life of the Apostle Paul…Paul was a hater.  Something radically shifted, and he became a communicator!  I’d submit to you, Paul went Pro with His faith.  Check out what he writes…

Acts 20:24 (NLT)


But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.

Paul’s worth is established in a greater work than what pays the bills!  It’s greater than the University Degree that hangs on his wall.  It’s bigger than what he can build, who he can know, and what he can achieve.  Paul’s “Pro” is finishing the work assigned to him by the Lord Jesus!  That’s pro.

Too many people believe what they get paid for is the only area of there life that is PRO.  Going pro has less to do with what you do for a living, or what you do to put food on the table.  Going pro isn’t about your hobbies, what you’re good at or the sports you play or played in High School.

You are PRO, not because of what you do, but because of who you are!  Paul is a “soul winner,” he’s the quintessential example for how we should live our lives.  He’s a scholar, a tent maker, a leader, a negotiator, a master communicator, AND he uses it all to finish the work assigned Him by the Lord Jesus.

You may be a construction worker, automotive worker, educator, business person, in sales, government, retired, a home-maker, but have you gone pro in what the Lord has called you to do?  Or are you playing the amateur, thinking your paycheck comes from here, and your faith comes from there?

Consider it again…

Acts 20:24 (NLT)

But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.

That’s PRO!  Pro is “doing” because of “being.”  Some of you do business, others homework.  Some of you work for someone; others of you employ people.  That’s what you do, but it’s not who you are.  And the second you get that squared away is the second you are a pro!  When you embrace that “being” trumps “doing” something happens, a shift takes place.  The amateur goes professional!

The FIVE things The Rock does for our kids!

You better believe that children, at The Rock Church, are of the utmost importance.  We believe their experience is as important, if not more important, than the adult experience.  Here are five things we want every parent who comes to The Rock Church to know about us.

The 5.

  1. We greet children on their level first then the parent. Get down and welcome them to class and use their name or ask them their name. Then stand and greet the parent and let them know how excited you are to have their child in your class.
  2. We always talk to kids one-on-one at their level. If they are tiny get down on their level and talk to them. Many kids see adults as big people with no time for them. We are big people with nothing but time for them!
  3. We always act with the child’s best interest in mind. With this in mind we exist for them. They are the reason we are here, so we are patient and kind no matter the situation.
  4. We choose excellence in everything we do. Our presentation, crafts, room cleanliness, preparation, messages, worship, drama, toys, communication, room aesthetics are excellent. Everything thing we do is excellence! If it’s not excellent throw it away or don’t do it!
  5. We pray for kids on days that aren’t Sunday. When we hear of a child’s prayer request, we take it with us and ask God throughout the week to answer.

If, in any way, these things do not happen, we want to know about it.  Contact one of our team members; send us an email at  Whatever it takes we want to know how we can do these five things better and better.

In Full Effect: Lifesaver’s

One month ago I made a decision that will forever accelerate the trajectory of our Generations Ministry–nursery through college age–at The Rock Church.  After two years of Pastor Travis shouldering the ministry alone I knew, for some time, it was time to bring in some additional help.  Pastor John came on board at The Rock, along with his amazing wife and children.  There is so much momentum right now.  Here are a few of the signs I am seeing…

  • Travis is no longer alone in this ministry.  He has help, qualified and experienced help.
  • 60+ leaders have signed on and attended a one-day training to help Travis specifically with ages nursery through 5th grade!  That’s the most we’ve ever had in our history!!!  This empowers people to serve one-sunday a month.
  • 30+ leaders have signed on to help John lead ages 6th-12th grade.  That also is the most we’ve ever had!!!
  • For me to think our two leaders have 90+ people from TRC investing in them makes me the happiest Pastor in the universe!
For me, I am so motivated to get these guys what they need to win!  I want them to have the best resources, facilities, tools and methods in the world to reach this Generations for Jesus Christ.  To that end I will not quit working, praying and trusting God for Generations Ministry 2.0!

The following three things, submitted by Pastor Travis, are what it means to win in LifeSavers Children’s Ministry.  I think you’d be interested to know how special this ministry is.

1.  Safety First

  • Parents feel like we have their child’s best interest in mind
  • Kids feel like their class is a place they can be themselves

We know we’ve accomplished when:

  • We follow the guidelines, policies and procedures.
  • Parents tell us! “I trust you.” “You take such good care of my kid(s).”
  • We address safety complaints if they arise.
  • We eliminate bullying and intimidation in classrooms.
  • We make the guest or those without friends feel welcome


2.  Kids bring their parents to church

  • This means that they enjoyed themselves so much they bring their parents week after week

We know we’ve accomplished when

  • Kids smile. They smile when they arrive; they smile during service and the smile when they leave.
  • We hear laughter. Laughter = fun
  • We hear things like…. “I can’t wait to come back!” “See you next week!” “Mom/Dad I had the best time!”
  • They bring their friends. Kids want their friends to be a part of fun!



3.  We build life-long followers of Christ.

We know we’ve accomplished this when:

  • Our attendance grows.
  • Souls are saved.
  • Our Serving numbers increase
  • We see kids applying messages to their lives
  • We hear testimonies of Life change from them.
  • Kids express their love for Christ outwardly i.e. lifting hands, giving, praying for others and more.
  • Kids move up classroom to classroom as they grow.