1 Thing You Need to Know, 4 Things You Must Do

1. I want you to know I’ve Been Given a Gift

18 years ago, on July 9th, Melinda and I had our first Sunday as Pastors in The Rock Church, where I Lead Pastor today. This month, for the first time in 18 years, the Pastor’s Council sent me and Melinda for an extended break!  We’ve been enjoying some refreshing time the last couple weeks, with two weeks to go I’m beginning to plan for the coming years messages.  I’m setting up message series, topics and getting pumped for the new school year!!!  Thank you for blessing this time!

2.  I’m Challenged to Remain Faithful.

Last week I sent some of those I personally coach the following because I was really considering my on my own life practices.

Being faithful with what is God’s is priority.  There should be no qualms about God owning all of it, everything we have.   This is God’s church, not ours.  These are God’s people, not ours.  Personally, are we faithful with God’s blessings he’s entrusted to us?  Are we faithful to our marriage vows, our commitments?  Is our word good?  Are we tithing?  I want to encourage you to appropriate what belongs to God as God’s, and make certain to honor that ownership!  God rewards faithfulness.

Remain faithful because God rewards faithfulness!

3.  I am more pumped about August 5th than I’ve been yet!  

Yes, it’s getting closer.  This particular Sunday is going to be off the charts.  Think BIG!  We are pulling out all the stops and going for it at The Rock Church.  Invite friends, at least 5; call your mother, dad too; mark the calendar, circle it!  Why are we doing this day?  Because we, at TRC, are honestly more pumped about people finding Christ during the summer months than we’ve ever been.  For too long christians have coasted through the summer!  Let’s not do it, let’s take one weekend of our summer, dedicate it to the Lord, treat it like a not to miss holiday/concert/event/wedding/vacation and invite as many people as we can to The Rock Church!  Let’s break attendance records, let’s see dozens of people far from God find peace, find hope, and find the Lord!!!

4.  Ignite Camp and Rock United Church!

One of the coolest weeks of the entire summer, Ignite Camp!  Can’t wait to see all of our student’s; one place, one time, one faith, one atmosphere, to blow it out for Jesus!  Love what’s happening in our student ministries!!!  Get students to this camp.

5.  Enjoy your kids!

One of the best parts about the summer is watching my daughter grow.  This year she is “pumping” on the swing for the first time.  She’s holding her own stick in the fire making s’mores.  She’s taking the dogs for a bath in the river and putting the shampoo on them.  She’s asking for a bike.  And all these things remind me she’s growing fast.

It seems faster than ever.  What all of these things remind me of is how much she needed me last summer when she couldn’t do these things without dad.  A famous phrase, “Dad, will you push me on the swings?” is no longer needed.  Although I can’t help but rejoice in her new found talents it’s bittersweet too because she’s becoming more and more capable.

Our job is to raise our kids to be independent of us, doing it will require you to enjoy the season you are in, and embrace the next one.  For me, I’m heading to the bike store this week because independence to roam the 100 foot driveway of ours is calling my 4-year old!  Before I know it she’ll be asking for keys.  I better enjoy the summer!!!