See that awesome victory donut?  Yes, that could be you, a proud crew member, sponsor or both.  I’m reaching out to friends, past partners, past team members about the 2013 race season.  There are a few things you need to know about the race program in 2013.

The Book

I’ve been working diligently on my first book.  This book, now in the editing phase, has been a ton of work to get the stories right, the memories accurate and  the principles clear and concise.  I am so excited about it.  The book proposal is headed for publishers this April, then if accepted, expect Winning Souls to be in print in 2014.

New Website

Also, coming in April a brand new Jeffknight.com.  This new website is going to have a landing page, then you will be able to pick a path.  Either Knightrous Racing or Jeff Knight.  Knightrous Racing will be a ton of racing stuff, personal endorsement opportunities, fan experience, video, pics and marketing partner promotion (I am super excited to take my ability to promote others to new levels).  The other path will talk about Jeff Knight the pastor, author and speaker, and include my blog.  I am excited about it.  We will have point of sale for Knightrous Wear, and I am working on kids, men and women’s apparel to be available.  You’re gonna love it.

New Race Shop Location

We have been graciously given a place to park the race car for 2013.  I am so excited to have a great location for the race team this year at Monroe Autowerks.  Bill is a great guy, and Scott and Eddie (#99) Late Model have opened up some space for the #70 team.  We are thankful.

2013 Team Members

As of now we have Dan Feeback, Robb Touchette, my Uncle Jim Knight, Josiah Campbell and myself crewing for the season.

2012 Port City 

JZ, and his whole crew, are building me an awesome racecar for Evergreen Speedway.  Can’t wait to buckle into this thing.  It’s the best piece I’ve ever been a part of.  I love it like a I love chocolate cake!!!

Marketing Partners

I have three returning companies.  Pretty stoked about the ongoing partnerships!

Things are really looking up!  I am super excited about all the change taking place, and I think the program will be the best it can be for me.  I’m really pumped to put some new iron on the race track and put some victory donuts under the rear wheels!


I could use some crew members, I have 2 opportunities for guys who can commit to every race, and a couple nights per week (experience preferred, training provided).  I also have additional Marketing Partner Opportunities.  I would really like the opportunity to display your brand, business or promotion to the racing community, but also the greater Northwest.  Here is a link to the potential television when marketing with Jeff Knight, local television, national television,   If it’s not TV, then my nearly 2,000 twitter followers, and nearly 2,000 Facebook followers will know who you are when we team up.  If social media isn’t enough, then let me connect with the tens of thousands of race fans throughout the region at Evergreen Speedway.  And if race fans are not enough let me promote you to 100’s of thousands Christ-followers in the Pacific Northwest.  I definitely can serve your vision well.  I have packages between $500 and $10,000 available.

My Contact

Hit me up on facebook, and leave me an inbox message with either a one-page racing resume (crew applicants) or an email touching base if you want to market alongside.  I think with the book deal, new website in April, awesome car (built by JZ) and exciting preparation you’ll be in for a treat in 2013.  Here’s my FB (click here).

Let’s go racing!