We had some sad situations on Sunday. Both services there were many families with babies in the worship center. It’s one thing to have a child with mom and dad for the worship or a sleeper in their arms, but entirely another when that child starts making noise. This was a touchy subject for our ushers, and sadly some parents left offended and mad, I hate that.

Here is my perspective as a parent with a 3-month old little girl.

  1. We have a superb world class children’s ministry. I am 100% confident in our processes, procedures, curriculum and atmosphere we provide kids. For kids, it is better than the main church, and the people are qualified to handle your kids. Some times our policies are misunderstood, but no parent is allowed in our classrooms unless they’ve completed a back ground check. If that bothers you I’m sorry, but we take security very seriously, and we have an Infant Care Room with a broadcast of the service if you need to absolutely be with your baby. You can also sit in the foyer and watch the service live on TV.
  2. When my baby starts making noise and crawling under the chairs IT IS A DISTRACTION to everyone around me. I guarantee it happened Sunday. It’s not an option for 300 other people to be distracted because Seven wants to eat, or play, or fuss or whatever. If I found out that my baby’s distracting caused a person to be interrupted from a message that could have changed their life I wouldn’t be mad, I’d be sorry.
  3. Hear me straight up. This is not about The Rock Church wanting to accommodate babies and families. I think all one has to do is walk the halls of this church to see the absolute love and priority we place on kids! There are parents of 150-175 kids per week that trust our team with their kids.
  4. I heard about one parent who was mad standing in the foyer thinking they were kicked out of church. That is absurd. That would never happen. Our ushers don’t kick people out, they ask them to move. Our ushers simply offered those families who insist on sitting with their noisy baby the foyer or the Infant Care Room. There was no kicking people out. Come on already, that accusation makes me mad.
  5. Parent’s like Melinda and I need to realize our noisy child is not the priority of singles, empty-nesters, parents with teens and every other person represented in the church. They do not need to deal with noisy kids when they come to church.
  6. Sadly, we may have to go back to an old policy at The Rock Church. NO KIDS in the worship center…what do you think, do you have a solution, because I hate it that people were offended on Sunday. I hate it that they left service. In fact, one of them who left was a student from my youth ministry who I have been trying to get back in church for 9 years. I don’t have the solution at present, but I will tell you this, USHERING THESE TYPES OF DISTRACTIONS IS TOUGH. Thank you ushers for doing your best to direct those with kids and protecting the atmosphere for those without. It a thankless job you do sometimes, and I got your back on this one, and I’m a parent of one of the noisy ones and I take responsibility to help fix it because every person should get a straight shot to hear the gospel message and not my baby!!!
  7. I will publish your comments on this no matter how controversial. I don’t have an easy solution. We are a family church in a baby boom, but we also have a ton of singles and people without kids, not to mention, a bunch of people seeking the Lord who need to hear the message without being interrupted by Seven or any other distracting child.
  8. Help me on this one, because we need a solution that can work; lives, salvations, and healing are in the balance. Maybe you go to another church and have some ideas. let us know here.


Well, it was a hot one in the Pacific Northwest this weekend.

  • Sunday’s service was just as smokin! The opening song Dangerous by Decemberadio was molten hot lava!!! Great job to Terryl and the band.
  • Perry Noble’s message, Make us Dangerous, was equally as good. I really enjoyed the video messages for One Prayer. It was a huge success for our church, and I look forward to what is next with this grand vision.
  • The purchase and sale agreement for our building is getting near completion and I am so stoked and excited. It will be a huge thing for our church to own this building.

All in all, it was a great week at The Rock Church.


Saturday was mid-season championships. It was also the first race on the 5/8′s mile BIG track. We had a decent car through practice, qualifying and the race, but dodged a bullet when the left front hub bearing began to disintegrate. I ended up 7th on the night, avoided a big wreck and had a few sweet moves. It was a ton of fun. The heat was extreme. I would have liked to finish a bit higher, but the car is in one piece, and 7th is respectable.

Here is a recap of my season goals as of mid season championship night.

Goal: To be top 5 in points by season end.
Mid Season: I am 4th by one point.

Goal: To win one race.
Mid Season: I have 1 win, and plan on winning again.

Goal: To run strong each week.
Mid Season: I’ve had a strong car every week.

Goal: To have fun.
Mid Season: It’s a competitive fun each week.

Goal: To make new friends.
Mid Season: I have many new friends this year.

Goal: To lead someone to Christ.
Mid Season: Have lead 2 people to Christ.

Goal: To have a weekly devotional at the track.
Mid Season: Instead of a devotional I get to pray at the pit meeting each week. That’s cool. But, I just got my devotional books last week, so I’m going to get the team reading them for the 2nd half of the season.

Congrats to Jason Fraser, Naima Lang and Kelly Mann for their podium finishes on Saturday.


OK, so let’s see what’s coming up this weekend.

Saturday night we are racing on the 5/8′s mile track. I practiced last night and the car was phenomenal. Looking forward to getting after it tomorrow. Speeds should reach 110+ on the straight/80+ through the turns, and given the forecast temps should be about 120+ in the car. I need some water right now!!!

Sunday morning is the final message of the One Prayer series. Perry Noble will be the messenger, and you don’t want to miss this guy. It will be hilarious if I know Perry.

Finally, we are still waiting on some final numbers from the bank regarding the purchase of our church building. We will be taking some huge offerings toward the building purchase the next few weeks, so come with a heart to knock this thing out. I got an email today from a family who is so thrilled to be a part of a church with such big plans. That made my day.

Looks to be spectacular weather, so come on out to the track and church this weekend!


Galatians 6:4-8, “Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else. For we are each responsible for our own conduct. Those who are taught the word of God should provide for their teachers, sharing all good things with them. Don’t be misled—you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.”

Let’s break this down…Attitude must be governed by principles, not circumstances.

1. Pay careful attention to your own work. I can get caught up in comparing my work to others, but all that does is steal and waste my time. Think about it…how often we compare. We compare height, weight, BMI, clothes, incomes, cars, zip codes, jobs and a bunch of other stuff that only brings us frustration when we don’t measure up; and worse, arrogance when we do. If you work hard and are satisfied with your job well done the money, promotion, accolades and all the rest will come. Success is a by product of a job well done!

2. For we are each responsible for our own conduct. I am the keeper of my own thoughts, words and deeds. No one else is responsible for Jeff. There are times we all want to pass the blame, the buck and the consequence. In the end, it’s on us. I choose to think the best. I allow myself to struggle when criticizing something. I allow myself to be uncomfortable with gossip, anger, frustration, doubt, unbelief, fear and other hindrances. If I get comfortable with hindrances like those, I won’t see them hanging like a booger on the rim of my nose.

3. Those who are taught the Word should share in all good things with those who teach. Hmmm…When was the last time I shared in my blessings, gifting and graces with my pastor who teaches me? This is not rhetorical because I am a pastor; it is a serious question because I have a pastor. I must share with the man and woman of God in my life.

4. Don’t be mislead–you can’t mock the justice of God. I challenge you to exercise repentance as often as required! I’m not perfect, nor is another, so repentance is all we’ve got.

5. You will harvest what you plant. Enough said there. If someone struggles with that statement they need to share their toys again.

Finally, I find myself lead around by circumstances now and then. Sometimes they get the best of me, sometimes they don’t. The reality is my attitude governs my direction. I get out of this life what I put in. I can be satisfied because I’ve done all I can, or I can choose dissatisfaction because a)it didn’t go my way or b) I didn’t do enough. Those who believe there is always more to do are a little obessive, but I’m not hatin on ya, because there are times I am striving so much there’s never enough time to do it all. Bottom line is, great attitude is sustained by principles, not circumstances.