Count Your Blessings

Have you ever enjoyed a fantastic refreshing beverage!  The days are heating up in the Pacific NW and with that comes hotter temperatures, more sun and the requirement of hydration.  Nothing like refreshing cold water on a hot day at the lake, or long afternoon working, or for that matter, 100 laps on the big track at Evergreen Speedway.  I know you’ve experienced the stimulation of a drink at just the right time.  It’s good.  Real good.

Being grateful is good also.  When the proverbial water is flowing in your life it’s a game changer.  Things that didn’t work work. Stuff that’s tough to get done get’s done.  The H2O of life brings a sense of destiny, flow, excitement and accomplishment.  However, you never miss the water until the well runs dry.  An ungrateful person is a person with a limited supply of life-water.

The facts are, you can be blessed and not know it.  You can be increasing and be ignorant to the advancements.  Only when you look back can you realize that what you have is much more important than all the things you don’t have!

Have you ever found yourself stating, “I’ll be happy when…?”  Happiness doesn’t come from getting what you want, it comes from appreciating what God has already given you!  I am a firm believer that life is better than we think .  And even when I’m enduring it’s not as tough as I think it is.  So instead of fussing over what is missing in your life, stop and ask yourself, “What would you be willing to trade for what you already have?”

If there is something out there that would truly make you happier, are you going to exchange it for what you’ve already been given?  If the answer to that seems cloudy, foggy or elusive get out a piece of paper and start listing what is right about your present.  Then put a number next to each. Then count your blessings, and thank God for them.

I’m telling you, it’s never as bad as you think it is!


Below is the kind of email that makes me BELIEVE!  Believe in what you ask?  Believe in the fact that everyday anyone can make a difference in another’s life.

This week I needed this email, here’s a bit of backstory.  About 12 days ago I got an email from someone who unleashed a bunch of junk in my direction.  I don’t know this person, but sensed they were hurting. My core value of “Putting People First” compels that I engage, even the most awful of statements.  What happened in the days since was completely evil.  I’ve received no less than 20 rude, accusing and hateful emails about my motives, personality, our church and me as a person.  I shook it off pretty good, but then another person emailed me some candor.  The second installment was a friend, so I had to examine my heart, process what was being said, then try and carefully respond in love, without making matters worse.  If both situations weren’t enough I got another text with some candor about how I was showing value.  Don’t get me wrong, I welcome candor, and can’t live without it.  It is way better to get the truth to your face than a face full of hate.  Yet, when you receive challenging feedback, or even evil feedback it can make it seem like you are coming up short everywhere, even though it’s only a few people!

The Bible tells us, “A word in due season, how good it is!”  Just when the heaviness of failed expectations, letting people down started to overwhelm my spirit, I got another email!  This is what it said.

Our house loves the Knights. Yes as our Pastors and friends – but mostly just because we see who you really are – and we like it!

In the busyness of everything all of us do, those brief moments when we connect aren’t enough to tell you how much we love and appreciate you. I’m the type of person that needs to say it often – so you betta get used to it :)

With all you hear, in passing, or directly – my prayer is you hear EVEN LOUDER how significant your lives are to all those you touch daily. I don’t need you to be invincible or to live up to any expectation you think I may of you. I just need you to continue to be you, to love God with total abandonment, and to love and care for each other above all else. Thats when you flow in the good stuff that I get to enjoy and benefit from it. That’s when I know I’m in the right place too.

The thief only tries to break in and steal from the house that is full and he often uses cowardly acts to accomplish this. He doesn’t have the key to your house. He can’t get in.

You’ve captivated our family, you’ve gained our trust, you hold our heart.

We love you for being you!

Why am I sharing this?  Because I don’t want you to think–even when you fail, even when you fall short and let people down, and say the wrong thing, and are misunderstood, and are wondering if you are making a difference–that it’s ever as bad as it feels.  Often times the struggle of the moment is resistance.  The enemy uses resistance to make you think you’re insignificant.  However, God wants you to know you are making a difference, even when all of the icky is happening.  Here’s the deal, if I had to be a perfect pastor before I set sail to build God’s church I would still be on the dock waiting to push off. It is by the grace of God that we make this trip.  And frankly, His grace makes up for my insufficiencies, yours also!  So don’t let another day be clouded by the mistakes you’ve made, the failures you’ve had or the toxic culture we live in day to day.  Realize you are doing His work, and His work is enough.

I need this kinds of message, you too?




The Rock Church is coordinating, and partnering with OKC based, to help the people of Moore and Shawnee, Oklahoma in the wake of the tornado’s last week.  We are specifically receiving 3 items at the Monroe Campus.  1) supplies (cleaning, basic necessities), 2) children’s toys (preferably new condition), and 3) non-perishable food.  Drop off at the offices during the day or bring to Sunday Worship Experience.

Also, we are receiving cash donations with a specific purpose.  For every $250 we receive we are helping an entire family get the basics ie. toothpaste, undergarments, shampoo and etcetera.  Remember, the families we are helping have lost nearly everything.  Simple things are scarce, and we want to help.  As details solidify, and we gather supplies we will either ship a container or take a team to Oklahoma to help in the clean up effort.  Stay tuned for more about this.


Episode 3 is tomorrow at 12:15PM on KCIS630AM.  You can also hear all the episodes here on the web.


I received a shipment today of Knightrous Apparel.  Have a good supply of hoodies and T’s for adults again, and KIDS SHIRTS!!!!  Get ‘em quick, last time they sold out in one weekend.


I am racing this weekend at Evergreen Speedway.  The Galloway Invitational is a unique event in that it honors a young man who passed on too early.  Rumor has it there’s going to be a ton of cars.  The purse money solid.  I bet it’s the premier race of the year so far.  Come on out and see me at fanfest, and then watch us get after it on the big 5/8′s mile oval!!!  Rumor has is there’s also another TRC’er racing, he’s just getting his career started, and you may have heard of him.  His initials are JAY-ZEE,  like the rapper.  That would make four drivers from TRC racing at one time!!!


Last week I launched into a message called, OWN YOUR ZONE!  I am pretty certain this message was impacting because several emails and inboxes were received from men and women who heard it clear.  I am continuing in the same vein this weekend at The Rock Church.  Can’t wait to see you Sunday at 9:30 and 11:30!!!!


Last night, at the Worship Equip Night the Lord spoke very clearly to me about calling a fast for the next 7 days.  In addition, it was also clear to have a second week of worship next Wednesday.  I’d encourage you to get on board.  I am personally fasting food until 2PM each day.  Replacing my meal times with prayer and seeking the Lord.  I am expecting some huge breakthrough.  I know the next seven days are going to be landmark in the life of The Rock Church, but also personally.  Don’t miss the blessings of God on the corporate body.  When we fast it moves mountains!  DON’T MISS NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT 7PM.  WORSHIP NIGHT.  Last week was incredible, I’m expecting even greater May 29.


I love pastoring The Rock Church!  It’s the highest calling for me to lead this incredible community of people.  Love you all.  Can’t believe it’ll be twenty-years serving on staff in July.  I’d do it all over again!  100 times!!!!  It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s ALWAYS BEEN WORITH IT!  Luv you all TRCLIFE!
















Well, not the picture I want to post of the brand new #70!  She got a little tore up this weekend, resulting in a DNF and last place finish for us.  Got some work to do in the next couple weeks before the first 5/8′s, Galloway Invitational, race.  All my guys are poised to get it fixed  We gotta hang a brand new bumper, air box and body pieces.  We also gotta fix some left front suspension.  These are not my favorite things in the world to do, but it’s a part of racing.  One must take the good nights with the bad nights, and balance it out.

When I got home from the speedway my wife handed me stacks of cards.  Each card was a little note from a child encouraging me to race, to keep winning souls and to go fast.  What a boost it was to get those.  I got home and didn’t say much about the whole incident on the track, Melinda went to bed and I was left with these cards.  I read them all, and man, it made my perspective much better.

Some weeks when you hurt the car you fix it because you know you were right there, and a win is just around the next corner.  Other weeks you fix the car because it’s your passion and that just what you do when it gets wrecked.  Then there are weeks like this where I am motivated to fix the car because of those who uphold me, encourage me and pray for me.  Thanks for doing that.  I need all of it!!!

Serving the Lord all these years I’ve learned that you never know where encouragement will come from.  See ya Memorial Day Weekend.