A Story of Generosity

Each spring The Rock Church has a special offering, the Life Offering.  I am grateful for the scores and scores of people who give generously to the causes within our church, but one person in particular really got my attention this year.

Jesus tells the story of the widow with two mites in Mark 12.  He makes a comment about how the people with plenty gave out of their abundance into the treasury.  He also noticed an exceptional gift given by a very poor widow, who placing in her two mites, gave serious pause to Jesus.  He said, “She has given out of her poverty.”

Such a woman exists at The Rock Church, and she set out to give $1,000 to the Life Offering in 2012.  At the time of the Life Offering she was living at the women’s mission, had zilch for an income (no job), but her heart wanted to give and give big.  She loves her church!  She kept inquiring in prayer, “Lord, when you give me the money I’ll give it.”  After many attempts to plead with God she heard his quiet guidance, “I’ve given everything you need to do this, it’s all around you.”

Let me tell you, with 1 week still remaining in 2012 she is within $95 of her goal!  That’s impressive considering the average gainfully employed Christ-follower gives $1,000/year, and she is still in the same situation.  Her largest gift to date is $25.25, all quarters, and the smallest gift .11 cents.  Yes, this woman, out of her desire to give to God, and out of her poverty has given generously!

It’s inspiring to me!  What if every person in our church were to think about giving like this in 2013?  What would be possible?  If 300 people at The Rock Church decided that, no matter what, I’m giving $1,000 in change, what kind of change could we bring?  It would be extraordinary.

I want to thank every person who gives generously to The Rock Church.  I especially want to thank those who inspire me to be a better giver in my personal walk with God.  I’ve learned, over the years, to live with an open hand to God.  If we are willing to let him put it in our hand, and then, let it flow from our hand we will never run out.  Widows have taught me this, single parents also.  Faithful blue-collar workers, and highly motivated entrepreneurs have all taught that it’s better to give, and give big, than to receive!  In this New Year, may we understand this kind of giving in the midst of new seasons, opportunities and grace.

May 2013 be the best year of your life!