“To finish first you must first finish.” It doesn’t matter if you’re racing cars, bikes or lawnmowers; to finish first, you must first finish. These are famous racing words for every team, driver and their fans in motorsports. These words also matter in leadership, faith and life. I’ve discovered there are three phases to […]

I Got ONE!!!

My first email subscriber!  Woot-Woot…party over here at the! As you can see there’s some construction going on in the world.  A year ago I started the process of hiring a web developer to take me to “new levels.”  Midway through the design process I balked, and stepped away from the traditional website! […]

Are You Growing?

Without a doubt the most encouraging and motivating factor in advancing your life is the tangible evidence and feeling that you are growing.  Advancement and growth are the most rewarding parts of life.  In fact, God made you and first commanded you to be fruitful and multiply.  Sure, He was talking about babies, but he […]

Code of Conduct

Common Codes of Conduct are found in nearly every aspect of life.  It seems humanity is not only obsessed with codes of conduct by our constant need for a code–protocol, rules to follow, things you do and don’t do—it is reliant on them. Remember the riveting seen in A Few Good Men when Col. Jessup, […]