WEEK 11-4th

There is not another race I want to be on the podium more than the Washington 500, and it will have to wait another year. I finished 4th. Why is this race so important to me? Because my dad would take me to it as a kid and we would watch some of the best […]


Last night the city of Monroe held an event for the National Night Out Against Crime. Those in attendance got to witness over 20 “green shirted” people from The Rock Church with one purpose, which happened to be on the back of their shirts, SERVE. From setting up tents, to unloading cars, to dunk tanks, […]

WEEK 10-3rd

Week 10 took place on the 5/8′s track where speeds are high and getting through the turn fast is key to straightaway speed more than ever. The crate motor cannot make up the difference for an ill handling car. Practice.We had a decent practice. The car was pretty stout all day, especially getting into the […]


I traveled to Guam on Sunday, landed in Guam Monday evening. We had a great rehearsal dinner on Monday night and the wedding was Tuesday evening. They setting was spectacular, the couple adorable. They wanted me to share a couple pics I took with the new I phone. I got a video also,gotta love my […]


Edits: 6/30/09 from Guam. That’ll teach me for writing on the plane, and then sending to the blog. I’ve got to edit for grammar and spelling…sorry.We had a great car on Saturday, the best this year. I felt like we had a shot at the win more than any other race in ’09. Steve, my […]