America: Where is the Hope?


I love America.

While I am not always proud of every decision America has made, or am I proud of all of her negative past, I can still say with great conviction that America is a great country. A country I am blessed to live in. A country I am proud to stand up for.

How do I define greatness? Greatness is not defined the way many people in our society define greatness. In our world most people determine greatness by how much money a person has. What kind of car he or she drives. Or even by how large their home is. Some people think that if they earn a six-figure income then they are great. 



A few months ago I made a statement in front of our church community as I said goodbye to my 18 year friend, co-leader and confidant, Rory Tongg. It was a statement which stayed with me for 48 hours, so I knew I needed to think through it some more.

As I held back the tears from flowing in front of the packed house, the words that came out of my mouth were to this effect, “I’ve always felt a bit under resourced, and so when people like Rory and Kathryn (Rory’s wife) become a part of your team it means so much … that’s why it’s hard to say goodbye.” Those were not the exact words, but an accurate summary. However, I struggled with one word I used, the word “resourced.”

The Driving Force

leadership, personal development, inspirationThere’s a Driving Force inside of you. What is it?

Is it your job?
Is it money?
Is it a need for approval?
Do you wish you knew the purpose of your life?
What you were put here to do?

What God wants from you?

Today I’m offering you a challenge. I want you to kick-start a new life. I want you to find your life’s Driving Force—the reason God put you here. I want to launch you on the road to unleashing God’s greatness in you. I want you to stop dragging your old baggage around, and take the wheel of your life by reading the first part of my new book, The Revved Life.

It’s called The Driving Force, and it’s FREE for you to download today.

Are you ready to make God your dashboard GPS?
To give Jesus Christ the pole position in your life?

Then fasten your seat belts, and take a ride with me, by entering your information in the form to the right >>> and you’ll receive a message that includes a link to download your FREE copy of The Driving Force.

Start living a high-octane life for God today.




“To finish first you must first finish.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re racing cars, bikes or lawnmowers; to finish first, you must first finish. These are famous racing words for every team, driver and their fans in motorsports. These words also matter in leadership, faith and life.

I’ve discovered there are three phases to finishing, and finishing first. They are:

1) Preparation. 2) Execution. 3) Processing. Below is a series of questions to ask in each phase. I don’t proclaim these to be the only questions to ask, but I’ve found them useful in fielding a racecar, and also useful in leading The Rock Church.

Find Your Voice; It’s Important!

voice recognition

Have you ever paid attention to the voices around you? I don’t mean the ones in your head, but the sound of those closest to you? Tone of voice is incredible. Like a symphonic harmony, voice can sooth, and like a clanging symbol, voice can rattle. Have you ever considered the effect of your voice?

I think it’s paramount to discover your voice. Will your tone be one of peace or war, resonance or dissonance, helpful or hurtful? It’s becoming clear, in the coming decades, more and more voices will have access to our thinking than ever before.

While people are striving for your attention on social media, through their blog or in the boardroom, I’d encourage you to begin to develop your own voice. To do so will require some consideration on your part. It begins by defining…