I Dream of Ice Cream

Ice cream van


I had an irrational dream the other day. And I blame my work. My work always makes me dream, and just about lunchtime I heard the familiar tune of an Ice Cream truck, not for real, but in my head. You know the tune which causes kids to run out into oncoming traffic! Ice cream trucks are awesome. There is one in my future, and in the future of the church I pastor.

We will call it TRC Smiles, the Church with Ice Cream. This vintage automobile with bright colors, logo and name scribbled on the side will be driven by a driver dressed in white, with a cool hat of course. Our team of ice-cream-smile-giver’s will circumnavigate cities all over our region selling ice cream at just the right price to pay for the operational costs of the truck, ice cream and driver because there is a bigger mission.

The larger mission will be to let our cities know about our Church, and ultimately our mission of Connecting People to Life. When they eventually choose to come on a Sunday they will choose the church with the ice cream truck.

I hear it now… “I went to The Rock Church, the church with an ice cream truck.” It’s only a dream right now, but I’m doing my homework.

What, in your work, causes you to dream irrationally? Within the dream lives a future.

Racing and Live-Streaming!





Fanschoice.tv is a streaming site for racing venues all over the country.  This year Evergreen Speedway is one of the few tracks where Fanschoice has set up HD cameras all around the track that will stream live for every race.

Evergreen Speedway

Evergreen Speedway is my Home Track, located in Monroe, Washington, my hometown.  I’ve attended races here for years, and in the last several years won a few of them also!

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I Got ONE!!!

My first email subscriber!  Woot-Woot…party over here at the jeffknight.com!

As you can see there’s some construction going on in the jeffknight.com world.  A year ago I started the process of hiring a web developer to take me to “new levels.”  Midway through the design process I balked, and stepped away from the traditional website!  I’m going to stick right here with my wordpress site.  I think I can offer more value right where I am at.

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