Pay the Tuition

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Cost of Following Jesus

Following Christ will cost. Something. Everything. Listen, it’s worth it. There will be times where life is seemingly easy. Like somehow the winds of change have ended and the wind is at your back. In those moments you’ll thank Jesus, speak as if it’s always been this way, and basically love the Lord with ease. But following Christ will cost, also.

Like when the winds at your back seemingly move to the front. They are pressing against you. Hitting your forehead like a freight train. It could be financial headwinds, job related, … family related. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance is, the headwinds of life can be brutal. Fatiguing. Eroding. In those moment’s you’ll struggle. You’ll ask, “Where’s God?” You’ll wonder. Wander. (more…)


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First Day of Practice

I remember it like it was yesterday, my first day of practice. I played baseball, football, soccer, and basketball growing up. Every season began with that first day of practice. There are some valuable nuggets within every first day. I think these translate to every area of our lives like the marketplace, socially, and even spiritually.

Team chemistry begins the first day of practice. (more…)

Nine More Thoughts About Vision for 2015


A vision should be visual and capture imagination

Real vision transforms people’s lives. It’s a picture of what life will look like after the encounter. What will this compelling vision mean to people the moment they encounter it? What will it mean in five years?

Use words when writing the vision that show this transformation. Unlock the essence of the vision by showing people how it will transform their life instead of telling them. (more…)

It’s Time for 2015 Vision Preparation

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A Vision Should Be Clear and Simple

I am continually reminded of a passage of scripture my mom would tell me throughout my high school and college years. It’s found in Habakkuk 2:2 and it reads,

write the vision, make it plain on tablets, so that the runner who reads it can carry the correct message.

Clear and simple doesn’t have to mean simpleton. Instead, clear and simple means easy to remember and evokes action. When I read the Bible verse above, I see a scene where a runner is running by and when he sees what is written; he can digest and remember the content to pass it on to those who must know of this vision. (more…)