I am a “professional student” of Jesus, marriage, being a dad, a friend, a racer and pastor of The Rock Church, Monroe, WA.

This site is focused on the purpose of a cause-driven life. My mission is to help people moves from the pits to the podium. As a result, I write on starting, enduring, finishing, winning and losing. I also like to talk race cars, so every now and then I will post about my racing life.

My goal is to help you move forward in your cause, and put tools in your tool box to fix and tune your professional and personal life for optimal value. If you’ve been through the pits of life I can help you get on the podium.

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My Biography
I became the lead pastor of “The Rock” in 2000 when my parents were tragically killed in a plane crash off the coast of California while returning from a missionary trip to Mexico. My mom and dad, Joe and Linda Knight, established The Rock Church when I was just a boy. But as the church grew, under the guidance of mom and dad, I also grew in the knowledge and favor of God. Under these tragic circumstances, I assumed responsibility for the church shortly after their death.

I began as a youth pastor straight out of Central Washington University. As a “pastor’s kid” I didn’t want to work in the local church, but the summer between my junior and senior year of college the Lord redirected my purpose. My Construction Management degree prepared me to build bridges (I love what concrete can create), but the Lord would ask me to build spiritual bridges to him instead of ones made out of steel.

I have had to cross the canyons from tragedy and triumph as I have suffered my share of pain in this life. I know what it’s like to be face down in the pit. But I love to win; I do not dwell on the past and I take no satisfaction in merely surviving. In fact, I hate to perform below my potential. In my ministry life, and on the race track, I live “full throttle.” I strive to achieve every goal God has set before me, and I try to impact as many lives as possible while pursuing the prize. I leave the familiarity of my church environment to purposely place myself within a subculture of people who are often removed from faith, yet who need the love of God.

It is through the way I live, the way I win, and the way I conduct myself in the racing world, and even in the way I lose, that I am winning hearts and changing lives while steering people to the Lord and to His church.

I have been married to my wife, Melinda (follow here on Twitter @melindaknight), for twenty-three years. We have one daughter. We live outside of Seattle, Washington.

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  1. Hi Pastor Jeff,

    It’s been a while. I hope you are well. I wanted to congratulate you on Winning Souls radio show. We listened here in Virginia this morning to the last program. Ruben has recently landed a job with the Mining Safety and Health Administration in Arlington as their WAN Engineer. I wanted to Thank You. Thanks for loving us when we were in Monroe. Thanks for praying for us and thanks for leading us. Thanks for keeping an eye on us from afar. I apologize for any hard feelings. My love to you and your family. Tell Melinda hello!

    With Love,
    Heather, Ruben and Family