Summer Showdown 2017

Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup Teams up with Knightrous Racing





Saturday, July 8th, 2017 – Cumberland, Wisconsin

Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup is pleased to announce that they have partnered up with Knightrous Racing and Driver Jeff Knight, as an Associate Sponsor for the 2017 Summer Showdown in Monroe, Washington. The race will be held at the Evergreen Speedway on July 21-22, 2017.

Jeff has a good Racing Season going for him at the Evergreen Speedway this year, taking the Checkered Flag three times already in Super Late Model Racing. He also has several podium finishes this year. In 2016, he ran a great race in the Summer Showdown, finishing 3rd.

With Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup becoming more involved in Super Late Model Racing throughout the country, they felt that becoming an Associate Sponsor with a Team like Knightrous Racing during the Summer Showdown could be a good fit to help introduce Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup to Race Fans up in the Northwest part of the country.

Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup is a Wisconsin based company that’s been making Pure Maple Syrup for over 85 years. Their products can be found in major Grocery Store chains and through up-scale Food Suppliers all across the country.

Mike Gaulke
Marketing Coordinator – Super Late Model Racing
Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup Racing

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A quick shout out after last night’s huge Summer Showdown…

Big Congrats to Bubba Pollard.

Racing cannot be done alone.

First off, let me say how hugely grateful I am to race…it is truly one of the greatest joys of my life. I think about going faster in a Super Late Model every single day. And in the words of Eric Liddell, “When I run I feel God’s pleasure.” I truly am humbled to even have this incredible opportunity to race. It’s awesome. (more…)