Summer Showdown Reflections

Relationships every racer needs.


The Summer Showdown is the most prestigious race at my Hometrack. It’s the race that honors the big weekend, back in the 80’s, when my dad would take me to the races as an 11-year old boy. We’d sit in the stands dreaming about how to get to the racers side of the catch fence.

The dream became a reality many years ago because a childhood friend made a way for me to make my dad’s dream come true. Last weekend, pushing the car from the podium (3rd in the Summer Showdown) back to tech inspection was surreal. It’s like a collision between my father’s influence and the influence of so many others who’ve helped me race. Pushing that car, hearing the atta-boys from those who’ve helped me over the years reminded me yet again what makes the world go round, relationships. And for that, it’s why I’d like to recognize all those who make it possible for us to do this racing thing.

My LFR Chassis was absolutely awesome. We came a long way from where we started Thursday night. The whole group at LFR has backed me, taken a chance on an old guy and we’ve won or finished 3rd in 3 of 4 starts this season. At the Summer Showdown the car came alive, and was fantastic on the long runs. We ended up 3rd. Our car was a long run car, which means the more green flag laps we run the better we were. The last 45 laps of the race were filled with cautions and red flags. We just didn’t get the opportunity to stretch it out again. If we had…what might have been.  Huge thank you to PFCBrakes, Heintz Performance, Beyea Headers and all the support staff of these companies. Your belief in us means the world to us!

I’m grateful for a team who perseveres. It’s rained a lot this race season, including the first two days of the Summer Showdown. My team was fighting to stand strong through the constant rain! The guys have been working on the race car tirelessly, but we’ve not been able to run it much, I’m glad they toughed it out.

Thank you team for the hours all of you each put in. Thank you for the weekly and race day car prep. Guys like Tony, Jason, Matty, Eric, Kyle and Tom, I’m grateful you keep us going forward, make the car safe and prepare it flawlessly. Our food prep and logistics team are awesome too. Shannon, Dawn, Beth, Mary, and all the rest who keep us well fed and logistically straight, thank you.

Sometimes people get the idea that we leave the track and head to this grand facility to prepare our car for the next event. In fact, we go to my 400 sf garage. Your partnership keeps this team racing. There are no-if-ands-or-buts-about-it, I’d be on jack stands without generous support. Thank You.

KLB Construction,, Snohomish Pie Company, Greiert Insurance…Thank You for the awesome support so far this year! We got a couple months left, and there’s only one goal. Stay with me to that goal…let’s do this!

Finally, all you fans out there sporting the Jeff Knight wear, and everyone who’s in our corner. I can hear your cheers through the spotters radio when I’m overtaking another car while my spotter is calling position. I know you’re there, and all of us guys battling on the track are racing for the pure joy of making you smile and say, “…that was awesome!”  Thank you for the years. We ain’t done yet.

The Summer Showdown is over. We survived when so many didn’t. We know, from experience, how hard our fellow competitors will work to make the next race at Evergreen Speedway. If any of you need some parts and what I’ve got in storage works, just hit me up, I’d love to help if I can.

And last-but-really-first. I cannot enjoy this life without my amazing wife Melinda and our daughter Seven. Having them by my side means the world to me.

Relationships in racing are the only reason we can be competitive. Thanks to all of you who are backing me this season..see ya mid-July.

Finally, I’m super grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for calling me to live this Revved Life! Thank you for enabling me to grow through finishing this year!

Congrats to Taylor Riddle for the W!




We should all try to experience this. We should all try to make
giving a habit the very day we learn of its value.

Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” In every time I’ve allowed fear to grab my habits I look back at losses.

In every story I chose to live fearless I can only testify of gains. 
Your story is being told. May generosity fall upon your posture. May you habitually walk with fearless faith.

Now is the time to write. Tell a story of desire. A story where the generous win. 

It’s your time.

Stronger Than Yesterday

strongerthanyesterday“I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past.” The price of life will stretch all of us. I just got a sense that someone reading this tonight is thinking about giving up. Don’t. 

I picture in my mind the struggling expressions upon the faces of those who aspire, and the grind is real. Don’t give up. 

The struggle has value. It’s working within you something. And that something will make you strong. And that strength will carry you forward. 

We all have a past. I get it. But this exact moment of testing and fighting, this current perplexing, depressing, burdening circumstance will be our past tomorrow AM. All you have to decide right now is to stay in the match. Stay a contender. 

Get some good sleep tonight. Decide to fight. And don’t give up. You’re getting stronger. Stronger. Stronger. Stronger.