Jesus is Our Hope


We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 1:3

What makes Jesus so great?
Is it solely because He is a King and He is Lord of all? Maybe Jesus is great because He can heal the sick and perform great miracles. All of those things are tremendous and well worth mentioning. But if I were to summarize what makes Jesus great, it would be one word—Hope. He offers hope. And hope, for times such as these, means everything in our world today.

Although I am a pastor, I really don’t like being too “preachy,” that’s just not my style. I’d much prefer conversations face to face. I like connecting heart to heart. I prefer gathering around a matter that means a lot to you. I’m much more into the personal approach. With that said, I really have to be honest with you and risk it all. It’s way too important not to broach this subject with you. 

The reason why there is so much turmoil and displacement in our world, in our nation today, is because so many people have forgotten about the one real hope for the world – Jesus.

When we abandon the only one who gives true hope, then society will appear hopeless. So, what you are seeing in the world today is really the symptoms of a world that has forgotten about God. You can have all of the things in life that make you feel happy, but your happiness will soon disappear. Things can only give you a temporary satisfaction. Only Jesus can give you permanent satisfaction.

Once we begin to place Jesus properly in our lives, then we will begin again to witness a nation full of hope. Our hope and our survival are directly connected to how we receive Jesus. If Jesus doesn’t matter very much in our lives, then we will not experience the fullness of His power within us, and life will seem dismal.

If Jesus is no more than someone who gets us out of trouble every now and then, then we will only experience Him when we are in trouble. He will be to us much like a bondsman is to a criminal offender. There’s no real relational tie. The bondsman is just the guy who gets you off the hook for the time being. We will not view Him as one who can sustain us and preserve us and protect us from troubles, but rather as one who continually delivers us from troubles, which could have been avoided. Jesus is far more than someone who bonds us out of our prison predicaments.

Jesus is a friend. He is a constant companion who will prevent you from entering into dangerous places. The good news is that even if you have wandered off to a not-so-safe place, as long as Jesus is with you, you’ll never even notice how bad things really are. When you align with Jesus, you will begin to experience the blessings and the joy of having a newfound hope all over again.

So, tell me … are you in? Ready to put Jesus front and center in all areas of your life? Please leave your thoughts below.