Pay the Tuition

jounrey starts hereCost of Following Jesus

Following Christ will cost. Something. Everything. Listen, it’s worth it. There will be times where life is seemingly easy. Like somehow the winds of change have ended and the wind is at your back. In those moments you’ll thank Jesus, speak as if it’s always been this way, and basically love the Lord with ease. But following Christ will cost, also.

Like when the winds at your back seemingly move to the front. They are pressing against you. Hitting your forehead like a freight train. It could be financial headwinds, job related, … family related. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance is, the headwinds of life can be brutal. Fatiguing. Eroding. In those moment’s you’ll struggle. You’ll ask, “Where’s God?” You’ll wonder. Wander.

Make a Decision to Follow Christ Your Whole Life

As a society we’ve lost the beauty of a life-long commitment. So often and so drastically important things like relationships and career changes often leaves us with doubt to trust something lasting forever. I think a lot of folks approach their life with Christ in the same way they do a natural relationship. They’re like, “If it’s good, great; if it’s not, then I’m out.”

It’s pretty soft really, to live with the back door wide open.

Over the past year of my own life I’ve encountered enough adverse currents and winds of change to shake even my most solid foundations. But one cornerstone remains through it all. I made a decision to follow Jesus Christ for my whole life. Do the same.

Pay the Tuition

Years, ago I was struggling with commitment. I sat with my father who encouraged me to not be afraid of the commitment. I’ve shared this story before, but there was another part to the story. He said, “Son, don’t be afraid of the commitment. Everything requires tuition.” At the time I was in college so I was crystal clear on what it meant to pay tuition. But now I realize everything in this life, that will put us where we want to be, will have a tuition payment to be made. You’ve got to invest. You’ve GOT to pay the price.

There’s too many people who don’t want to “pay” the coaching fees. They follow Christ for a while, but then for whatever reason they drop out. People fool themselves when they think that everything credible in the life of those they read about in scripture got there without incident, payment, or toll. And I am not talking about the cheddar. Or money. Or anything natural. There’s nothing about your salvation in Christ you’ve got to pay for or earn. In fact, Jesus paid it all. But pay the tuition to be who Christ saved you to be!

Go to the church. Do the worship. Learn the language. Pray the prayer. Study the bible. Be the person. That’s the price we pay!

Believe Much, Know Little

We live in the information age where knowledge is power. There are so many archeology things being discovered today confirming the claims and facts of the Bible. There’s never been more access to technology for faith, blogs to read, teachers who instruct, coaches who teach, and churches to go to. My struggle is often I think I don’t know enough. How about you?

You ever feel like you don’t know enough about all this information to matter? Here’s my take on it.

Believe more! Yes, take in more by faith than fact. I’m not suggesting avoid paying the tuition of study and research, but I am saying let your belief be released. If you are waiting to “know it all” before believing it all you’ll never follow Jesus wholeheartedly. There’s just too much to know!!! For the Holy Spirit’s task is to bring to remembrance all things. In that case, believe more, know less, and trust the Holy Spirit to teach you all things and bring to your mind what’s needed when it’s needed.

It’s Worth It

Following Christ is worth the cost of every battle fought. Challenge overcome. Struggle contested. Make a life-long decision. Pay the price. Believe more. In the adventure of life these few things can add an immense amount of pursuit to your love of Jesus. It’s worth it to pay the tuition.

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