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Jeff Knight, Knightrous Racing, Winner 2012Thank you for clicking through to learn more
about how you can be a part of this dream.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being in the driver’s seat of a really, really fast car. Maybe you just like being part of something that’s fresh and exciting every single time. Whatever the reason, I would be honored if you considered helping me make this year’s racing season the biggest one yet.

I’ve got a bigger engine and am geared to beat previous accomplishments. Your support would go toward covering the cost of tires ($550/set/race), fuel, track expenses, and more. Ready to support me and Knightrous Motorsports, LLC in the coming racing season? Please click the PayPal Button below and … THANK YOU:

If you have a business or a brand you would like to promote, please read on and …

Turn Your Sponsorship Dollars into a Marketing Opportunity

Motorsports in the Pacific Northwest is very much alive and a great place to promote and market your brand. Imagine everything that embodies your business flying around a race track at high speeds and in close quarters with other cars. The thrills, chills, and spills are all a part of what make NASCAR racing the most successful marketing tool in motorsports.

Last year, in Snohomish County alone, 220,000 fans walked through the front gate of Evergreen Speedway (Monroe, WA). Demographical studies show us that 56% of them are men and 44% are women. These men and women are passionate about their sport of choice and 59% of them are between the ages of 25 and 54. Make no mistake, NASCAR isn’t a backwoods endeavor anymore; 60% of these fans are earning above $50,000 per year. We know when you choose marketing with NASCAR, these fans will choose you.

So, how does a business tap into this opportunity successfully? Experience has taught us at Knightrous Racing, LLC that dollars spent on car decals have limited impact. Jeff and company work smarter to help you, our partners, reach your goals. We’ve seen the value of sponsorships described many ways. Some of our partners like the personal connection to a car on the track. It’s fun to cheer your brand to victory stage. Other partners want the total package with car lettering, give-away, shirts, hats, and whatever else they can think up. We will tailor make a package to your specific needs.

Today, the sponsor has access to not only the race car in front of the fans during a race, but also access to myself on and off the track. The driver becomes the spokesman of a healthy partnership endorsing products, encouraging fan and customer trust, while adding value within the organization itself.

NASCAR, Jeff KnightBy using Knightrous Racing, LLC as a marketing partner for your brand a variety of options exist to build a well-rounded experience for your products, business, staff, and family.

At the end of the day, it is people who matter most at Knightrous Racing and we want to partner with you to make better people.

If you are ready to support Knightrous Racing you may click through to PayPal and enter the desired amount you wish to contribute and … THANK YOU:

Marketing Options with Knightrous Racing, LLC:

  • Car and driver appearances.
  • Spokesperson for print, radio, and TV media and corporate events.
  • Special events held at racetrack on night of race.
  • Social Media endorsements.
  • Your brand on my apparel when I speak regionally and nationally.
  • Motivational guest speaking at your corporate events.

If this is still of interest to you, but you’d like to discuss your sponsorship options, please email me at jeff@jeffknight.com or contact my personal assistant to schedule an appointment: 360-805-0669 ext. 112.


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