"I've seen the top of the mountain. One day I will stand there."



A quick shout out after last night’s huge Summer Showdown…

Big Congrats to Bubba Pollard.

Racing cannot be done alone.

First off, let me say how hugely grateful I am to race…it is truly one of the greatest joys of my life. I think about going faster in a Super Late Model every single day. And in the words of Eric Liddell, “When I run I feel God’s pleasure.” I truly am humbled to even have this incredible opportunity to race. It’s awesome.

It is quite a team effort, not only to put a race car together, but to run an event. First, to my team. Every one of you deserve more than we got last night. Second, to my sponsors., Popeye Energy, Tuco Industrial Products,, Greiert Insurance; You all put my car back together with your money after the needless carnage at the Galloway. It is you who I feel the greatest sense of loss for. To Evergreen Speedway? WOW, what a showdown! I loved every minute of it, minus one lap. Thank You. AND to all the fans, we wouldn’t have racing if it weren’t for you. Stay passionate.

My Showdown and Mindset after the race...

There are two laps I’d like to highlight, and three laps I will address.

Lap ONE.

The 2nd qualifying lap that secured me into the race at 10th quick. I thought about my team, every sponsor, every industry partner, all the joy and satisfaction of that moment in 22.6 seconds! 10th quick in a field of 44, that’s scratching at the high-mark in this field of talent.

My team put this destroyed car back together in one-month, overcame some big hurdles, and proved we can be contenders at a high level. Super proud of Tony, Jason, Matty, Eric, Tom, Eddie, Dawn, Shannon, Mark, Jeff…what an effort. Couldn’t have done it without PFC, Beyea, Heintz and RCS industry support. Shoot, Randy from PFC was at the show making sure we were awesome on the brake package. Guys like Chuck Carruthers and Tracy Deyoung, Thank you.


Lap TWO. Yes, actually lap 2.

Let me illustrate…it’s lap two of the main event.
Running 9th.
A little tight in turn one entry. Car slides up a tick.
It’s cool. We’re good. Tire pressures aren’t up all the way.
Call came, “inside.”
High-side going down the backstretch.
A turn of brake to the rear.
It’s Harding inside. He’s clean.
I’m gonna sail this thing in deep.
Lift late.
Cars up ahead sliding.
I’m around backward.
The fence.
The fence again.
Wait, I’m 10th. There’s 26 more coming.
Where’s the field?
Cars everywhere out the right window.
Carnage ensuing.
Parts falling from sky.
What was 1,000’s of horsepower is but a whisper.
Another driver yelling breaks the silence.
I yell, “It was oil. Oil all around.”
Fraser, Longton, Riddle, Tanner, Wanat. Others I’m sure.
Start the car.
Can’t move.
We’re done.
I’m out of words. And energy. Car destroyed.

Sometimes racing is cruel and wicked. It takes a ton just to field a car, ten times that to run up front, and just when you think you deserve something from her, racing will steal right out of your hands, in broad daylight. Eyes wide open.

Finally, Lap THREE.

But there’s another lap.
A faster one than before.
Or lately.
Or it’s the last lap of a green-white-checkered, leading.
That one great next lap makes everything in the past meaningless.

To all my friends, fans, sponsors and competitors. The pursuit of the next lap, all it’s possibility. It is the next lap I choose to look towards. Dwell on. Trust in. I don’t have my “how” just yet, but I know my “why.”

I’ve seen the top of the mountain. Even reached for it. One day I hope to stand there. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me today. Means a ton.